Fringe 3×12 “Concentrate and Ask Again”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Fringe Season 3 Cover

It’s been one month and five days since Fringe ended and just writing this is making me think of Olivia’s reunion with her little girl. crying My first thought when I realized 3×12 was my next “newbie” post was “It’s the one in which Olivia is in a dress!!! Good, I need a light episode to ease me back” but then the end hit me like runaway freight train. Their pain is my pain. Re-watches are easier since I know Peter and Olivia will get a happy ending but back then when I was a first time viewer, 3×12 nearly transformed me into the Hulk.  Thumbs up for Peter and Olivia dressed stunningly.

  • That’s right, Ms. Terminator, strut down the hall like you own the place. winking It’s Bell’s stuff!! “Dr. Spock’s child care book”-haha- a Star Trek shout out. 52010!! Oh snap. Bell, you sly genius, billionaire you. You had a copy of The First People this whole time. surprisedon't tell anyonedon't tell anyone
  • Ms. Terminator: “I imagine that must have been awkward reading her account of Peter.” Oh, darling, I don’t think “awkward” begins to describe what Olivia must have gone through reading Altlivia’s diary. Must have been torture. NOOOOOOO OLIVIA!!!! Don’t even think Peter developed feelings for her. “She’s like me, but better.” DON’T SAY THAT!!!!! “She can laugh. She has real friends.” sadsad My soul is dying. crying

  • Enjoy your last birthday, buddy. Seriously, dude, why would you open the box? Have you not seen the Fincher’s “Seven”?  EW! His bones just broke! I don't want to seeOh em gee. This is a gruesome Fringe event.surprise

Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain105 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain106Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain107

  • The Fringe team has great entrances. thumbs up

Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain152 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain165

  • The box is from “Madison.” Well, Madison is not a nice person.
  • Uh oh. Peter got Olivia the wrong coffee. This isn’t good for their relationship.worried

  • Olivia to Peter: “Do you still think about her?”

  • Oh no. This is gonna be bad. They’re gonna confront the elephant in the room.nail bitingPeter: “Olivia, I said that because I wanted you to know that I noticed the differences. But I thought it was because of me. Because of us. I thought that I was bringing out a different side in you. But it was never because I wanted to be with her more. Because I don’t. I’m sorry about the coffee.” The pain and guilt he must feel! I’m sorry, Peter. I hate seeing their relationship on the rocks.

  • Good gracious, this Fringe case just took a turn onto Depression Boulevard. Aaron passed a DNA pathogen to his unborn baby, Madison, which killed her.sad
  • MY KRYPTONITE – Walter in trouble! crying

Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain373 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain374

  • Punch buggy yellow!! LMAO Olivia’s reaction. Her smile is like a Bald Eagle -it’s rare to see one but when you do it is majestic and awe-inspiring gliding through the sky.

  • Okay, dude, I know you’re angry about the cortexiphan trials, but NO ONE points a gun at my Wally! Ooooo, interesting…Olivia is immune to his abilities. Peter: “How many more Walter? How many more are gonna crawl out of the woodwork?” sadsad

Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain421Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain425 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain429 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain430 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain435 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain438Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain439

  • Poor guy. The guy has been unable to control his abilities for 20 years.

  • Yowzers. Another doll and this time it’s from Carla.
  • Olivia thinks she is broken like Simon.cryingcrying That’s right, Peter, tell her how she is nothing like Simon. She is not broken. She is extraordinary. She is special. She is your one true love.
  • Hello swanky fundraiser.  waveAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Olivia is dressed up with flaming red lips!!

  • Whoa! Where did Olivia hide the gun in her dress?! The girl is the epitome of badass. day dreaming


Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain764 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain772 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain775Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain778 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain782

  • YAY! Peter got his girl the right coffee this time, and oh em gee…Peter looks stunning in his tux. day dreaminglove struck Swoon! Pea coat be damned. The tux, the lean, and swagger…I approve. thumbs upHe told Olivia she looks amazing. Gah, I am struckblushing

Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain786 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain787 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain788Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain790 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain791

  • Sam Weiss! surprisesurprise

  • Sam wrote the books! He did say he was very old. “Whichever one he chooses, it’ll be her universe that survives.” Nina: “So in that case, there’s no cause for concern. He’ll choose our Olivia.” Sam: “I wouldn’t be so sure of that.” WHAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!! surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise NOOOO!!!!! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!! angry

Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain853 Fringe312ConcentrateAndAskAgain861

  • He still has feelings for her. I WANT TO CRY !!!!!!!!broken heartbroken heartbroken heartbroken heartbroken heart


Thank you Fringe Files for the screencaps and thank you Tumblr an “dunhamgetinmybed” for providing the gifs.

Keep on being awesome Cortexifans!


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  1. OMGOSH—MARY….THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS!!!! Fringe has been feeling really dead to me lately and reading this review has revived it in my soul!! I feel like I’ve kinda gone back in time and Fringe is not yet over….HOORAY FOR DENIAL CITY!!!!

    Awesome job and please keep them coming-Mary!!!


  3. Oh how i needed this!! I miss our fringe team SO much and you guys too!! Please,please don’t stop,i love what your doing and your helping me keep my sanity,haha!

    And oh yeah did Olive rock out that dress,woo hoo!!!

  4. Yayyyyy!!!! More first-time viewer reactions please!!! This was awesome.

  5. I just freakin’ love these . . . keep ’em coming, please!!!

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