Favorite Moments from Castle 5×16 “Hunt”

castle cover

What happens when you mix 3 quarts of Taken and a dash of Spy Kids? You get part 2 of the show’s big event before hiatus. Castle travels to Paris to find his daughter, and in the process, he finds his dad. Father and son then unite to save Alexis. Hooray for family relationships!

Beckett tells Castle they are not giving up

With so much Caskett action going on in front of Gates eyes, I wonder how long it will take for her to say something. I’m guessing two episodes.

Castle5x16.01 Castle5x16.02 Castle5x16.03 Castle5x16.04

Fake Green Screen

The images remind me of vacation pictures folks photoshop themselves in.

Castle5x16.10 Castle5x16.11

Don’t Mess with Beckett 

Last week, Castle demonstrated what he is capable of when his loved one is in trouble, and this week, it’s Beckett’s turn. Do not make this girl angry.
Castle5x16.12 Castle5x16.13 Castle5x16.14

“It’s a trap!”

Castle’s dad makes a killer entrance…literally.
Castle5x16.20 Castle5x16.21 Castle5x16.22 Castle5x16.23 Castle5x16.24 Castle5x16.26

Castle meets his dad

“Spy” was on the bottom of my list of occupations for Castle’s dad but it adds an entertaining layer to Castle’s origins. I really hope this revelation inspires him to write a father/son spy series. Then, he could do a Nikki Heat crossover. Oh, the possibilities…big grin

Castle5x16.27 Castle5x16.28 Castle5x16.29 Castle5x16.30 Castle5x16.31 Castle5x16.32 Castle5x16.35 Castle5x16.36

Father/Daughter escape

I’ll admit it. I got a little emotional when Castle grabbed his little girl and led her to safety, finally ending his turmoil. Father/daughter moments are my kryptonite which many of the Fringe fans know already.


The family is reunited

Castle returned home with Alexis, Beckett and Castle kissed, then Beckett hugged Alexis. All was right in the world again.
Castle5x16.50 Castle5x16.51 Castle5x16.52 Castle5x16.54 Castle5x16.55 Castle5x16.56 Castle5x16.58

Thanks for reading and check out my favorite moments from 5×14 and 5×15.



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