Fringe 3×13 “Immortality”: Reactions from a First Time Viewer

Fringe Season 3 Cover

I still haven’t gotten over the shock, anger, and frustration this episode brought into my life. A BABY?! REALLY?!?! Just when I thought we could move pass the Altlivia bump in the Polivia saga, we find out she is growing another bump – with Peter’s progeny inside. Excuse me while I search for a desk to hit my head against multiple times. I know, I know. Peter and Olivia ride off into the sunset on a magical, white unicorn, but when I saw this episode my Polivia dreams were shaken. Would Peter return to the Red-verse to be with his child? I still find it difficult to believe Altlivia and Peter created a baby…but they did.


  • I spy with my little eye…a Blimp! It’s Altlivia! Who is this guy? Is he Frank? This is a different actor, right? thinkingthinking He looks different. His hair has changed. Oh how I’ve missed Anna Torv’s playfulness in dreaming

Fringe313Immortality016 Fringe313Immortality017 Fringe313Immortality019 Fringe313Immortality021Fringe313Immortality022Fringe313Immortality023 Fringe313Immortality024 Fringe313Immortality027

  • Uh oh. The guy switched the dude’s glass. Fringe Event in 3…2…1
  • Ewww, the dude is vomiting…and bugs just crawled out of the stall. I don't want to see Only on a sci-fi show would grotesque discharge follow cutesy couple action.
  • Okay, I don’t have a fear of bugs but these creep me out. They ate the guy from the inside!! Lincoln: “Not Charlie. Charlie loves bugs.” HAHA Lincoln and Charlie just made faces at each other. They should have a buddy cop spinoff.
  • Evil Brandon and Walternate are injecting subjects with Cortexiphan and nine died in within 30 minutes. NOT COOL BRO! Oh snap! Walternate doesn’t want to experiment on children?! Since when does he have a moral compass?

  • Mona Foster is Charlie’s #1 fan!! rolling on the floor “Maybe you just need someone to scratch it.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floor
  • Altlivia: “Bug girl’s got a crush on Charlie.” “Everyone is looking for someone who is gonna like them for who they are inside, right?” HAHA Good one, Liv!

  • Go ahead, smash your vials you evil scientist. no talking
  • Frank to robot Astrid: “Where do I get one of you?” Can I have a robot Astrid, too? She is a tiny statistical machine. I would’ve loved having her in college when I took Statistics.
  • Altlivia: “I bet she drives a beetle.” “Listen, if you go on a date with her and you’re late, then at least you know that she won’t bug out.” laughinglaughinglaughing One of my favorite moments in the series! She should do standup.
  • Lincoln: “I can only imagine what it is you see in a guy like that.” Altlivia: “Oh, he’s kind of perfect, isn’t he?” Lincoln: “No, I am perfect, but he’s a close second.” Whoa! Lincoln is Mr. Conspicious! Even a blind mole can tell he has a crush on Altlivia.

  • Lincoln has moved up in the world. I miss Broyles sad

Fringe313Immortality326 Fringe313Immortality335

  • LOL Lincoln, you are the worst! Never pegged him as a tattle-teller since his job deals with you know-CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.

Fringe313Immortality342 Fringe313Immortality347 Fringe313Immortality349 Fringe313Immortality350 Fringe313Immortality352

  • It’s a white tulip! surprisesurprise GAH, Walternate is a CHEATER!!!!!!! HE IS HAVING AN AFFAIR!! Someone call Jerry Springer! I think I’m gonna barf. Reiko: “Do you trust me?” Walternate: “More than anyone.” REALLY?!?! GROSS!! Ugh, they just kissed-can I have bugs eat my insides, too?

Fringe313Immortality406 Fringe313Immortality415 Fringe313Immortality448

  • YES! Now, Altlivia can forget about Peter. Good. big grin I’m rooting for these crazy kids.

Fringe313Immortality492 Fringe313Immortality493 Fringe313Immortality495 Fringe313Immortality504 Fringe313Immortality505 Fringe313Immortality506

  • Holy Guacamole! Lincoln just got trapped and Altlivia fell through the floorboard. surprise OH NO! He just gave her water. THIS IS NOT GOOD. nail bitingThe gestation has already begun and Altlivia is pissed. As much as I’m worried for her life, I actually like her angry. She is so forceful.

  • It’s Frank! Lincoln is gonna interrogate Silva. Damn, he really loves Olivia. Silva: “She doesn’t need saving. I didn’t infect her.” Say what now? surprise Altlivia is not the final host.
  • OH FRAK! SHE IS PREGNANT! PLEASE OH PLEASE, LET THIS BE FRANK’S CHILD. prayingprayingprayingprayingprayingprayingpraying

Fringe313Immortality689Fringe313Immortality692 Fringe313Immortality697Fringe313.ultrasoundFringe313Immortality719 Fringe313Immortality723 Fringe313Immortality724

  • Silva: “The queen is ready.” EWWWWW. He just took that thing out like it was nothing. Totally normal-everyone has a queen bug growing in their necks. no talking
  • Ay ay ay. Frank suspects the baby is not his. She is 6 weeks pregnant! Excuse me while I have a two-year old tantrum moment. What the eff?! Olivia is in love with Peter?!?! angryDon’t go Frank! You are supposed to take Altlivia’s mind off of Peter.

Fringe313Immortality756 Fringe313Immortality758 Fringe313Immortality768 Fringe313Immortality779 Fringe313Immortality780

  • I have a feeling it’s Walternate at the door. Yep, I knew it. Facepalm. Walternate: “You are the mother of my future grandchild.” MOTHER OF ALL FACEPALMS! He is gonna use Altlivia. This guy is Gotham City’s number one villain.

Thank you Fringe Files for the screencaps and thank you Tumblr an “dunhamgetinmybed” for providing the gifs.


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  1. I must be in minority but this Peter/Bolivia stuff was actually interesting. I liked them. I liked their complicity, chemistry, body language…but I also adored Peter/Olivia. So this is perfect love triangle – with just two actors. Fans loved this – as much they were against love triangle – this was one of unique love not seen in any shows. So I was disappointed when TPTB decided to erase everything and make Bolivia just plain simple and irritating in season 4. Shame. This could be one of the best SF/drama out there, but unfortunately reset destroyed everything. Showrunners must learn from this big mistake. But, they probably wont. Great recape, as always, This was one of great over there episode.

  2. Cortexiphan Girl

    “Is it bad?””You’re carrying a Bishop” with the image on the ultrasound cracked me up!!!! LOL

    I too liked Bolivia and Peter, to be entirely honest. But oh well I’m happy with how Bolivia’s storyline ended in season 5.

  3. I had the same reaction to Walternate and experimenting on children. BUT, he’ll make his son have a child with a spy and use it to destroy a universe! Really?

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