Is This Real Life?: How ‘Veronica Mars’ Fans Learned That Never Letting Go Can Sometimes Pay Off

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Eight and a half years ago, we fell in love with a spunky teenage detective and her rowdy group of lovably sarcastic friends. With its juxtaposition of film noir and teenage melodrama, Veronica Mars shouldn’t have worked, but thanks to a phenomenal cast and clever, original writing, it became one of the most beloved cult hits in TV history. But like most cult shows, it didn’t last for long.

I remember the day I found out Veronica Mars had been canceled. I was pretty devastated, but a part of me still believed there had to be a way to save this brilliant little show that meant so much to me. That little glimmer of hope became like a kidney stone I couldn’t pass. It just lingered inside me, growing increasingly painful and useless as the years went on. Still, I couldn’t accept that I’d seen the last of Veronica Mars.

Mary and I spent a good chunk of our time in college watching Veronica Mars, tweeting our support for a Veronica Mars movie, and even going so far as to write our own unofficial Veronica Mars movie script. As time went on, the possibility of seeing our favorite characters again seemed less and less likely. Was there a statute of limitations on wishing a show back from the dead? I’m not terribly good at letting go, so I pretty much just lived in a state of denial for several years. That’s the nice thing about the Internet: You can almost always find other people to be in denial with you. (Especially on Tumblr.)

Luckily all that denial paid off. Imagine my surprise happiness unbridled joy when I read the announcement for Rob Thomas’ Kickstarter campaign, which has already broken Kickstarter records, garnering over $1 million in its first day. Their goal is to raise $2 million by April 12th. There are some pretty cool rewards that go along with donations, so sign up here if you haven’t already.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Veronica Mars changed my life. Not only did it get me through some tough college years (with some help from Fringe and Lost), but my passion for this show was what first inspired me to write about television. In fact, it’s fair to say that without Veronica Mars, this site wouldn’t exist. Did I ever tell you about the first time Mary and I met in college? We knew each other from elementary school but hadn’t seen each other for at least seven or eight years when I spotted her in the dining hall at college. I figured she probably wouldn’t recognize me, but I decided to say hello anyway, which isn’t really like me since I generally keep to myself. As it turned out, she did remember me, and she invited me to sit and eat dinner with her and a friend. We got to talking about our former classmates from elementary school, one of whom had been involved in a minor bus accident a few months earlier. Being the obsessed TV fan that I am, I took this opportunity to subtly bring up one of my all-time favorite TV shows: Veronica Mars. I think my exact words to her were, “Speaking of bus crashes, do you by any chance watch Veronica Mars?” To which she responded with a resounding, “YES!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

To every other Veronica Mars fan out there who never gave up hope, I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for never forgetting about this beautiful show. Thank you for telling all your friends to watch it on DVD. Thank you for tweeting. Thank you for writing letters to Warner Bros. Thank you for sending Veronica Mars-themed valentines. Thank you for never getting tired of hearing us rant about Veronica Mars and the possibility of a movie. And to every fan of a show that’s been canceled before its time, don’t stop believing. *cue dramatic musical outro*

-L + M


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  1. Awesome and yet…*cough*BUFFY MOVIE*cough*

  2. I’ve never even seen an episode of ‘Veronica Mars’ but I loved this post just for the story of how the famous ‘Mary & Louise’ came to be! 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen so many episodes, but it looked like a good series. I may watch it someday, and I will for certain watch the movie. 🙂

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