Favorite Moments from Castle 5×17 “Scared to Death”

castle cover

The lovable Castle and Beckett returned to our TV schedule this week and the two were busy fighting evil spirits. Well, not really, but Castle thought he was, and his imagination provides much entertainment.

Castle watches the video

No harm ever came from watching a movie, unless that movie was created by an accused killer’s daughter seeking revenge. Poor Castle thought he was gonna die in three days so he did what most folks with an expiration date do-he created a bucket list. First on his list was to marry Beckett. winking
Castle5x17.10 Castle5x17.12 Castle5x17.13 Castle5x17.14Castle5x17.15

Ryan and Esposito are afraid to watch the video

Step aside boys, Beckett is gonna solve the case!

Castle5x17.20 Castle5x17.21 Castle5x17.22 Castle5x17.23 Castle5x17.24 Castle5x17.25Castle5x17.26 Castle5x17.28 Castle5x17.29

Esposito wants to be in Castle’s will

Aww, BFF bonding time.

Castle5x17.50 Castle5x17.51 Castle5x17.53 Castle5X17.54

Castle calls Wes Craven

Can there be an episode in which he calls Joss Whedon? I am selfish. I want another Firefly reunion.


Beckett tries to convince Castle to go her place

It’s usually Castle the one suggesting couple time with Beckett, but this time the no-nonsense detective initiated the foreplay. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t want to be a horror movie cliché.
Castle5x17.60 Castle5x17.61 Castle5x17.62 Castle5x17.64 Castle5x17.65

Being prepared is half the battle

Garlic? Check. Silver bullets? Check. Proton packs? Check. Castle must’ve been a boy scout because he went prepared to fight any kind of supernatural being.Castle5x17.75 Castle5x17.76 Castle5x17.77 Castle5x17.78 Castle5x17.79

Happy Castle return everyone!


Favorites Moments from 5×16 “Hunt”, 5×15 “Target”, and 5×14 “Reality Star Struck”.


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