Favorite Moments from Castle 5×18 “The Wild Rover”

castle cover

This week’s episode took the spotlight away from Castle and Beckett and directed at Kevin Ryan’s backstory, which involved less suits but more swagger.winking We learned that before he was a homicide detective, he was an undercover cop who helped incriminate numerous mobsters. His life was like The Departed, but without the Boston backdrop and no dreamy Leonardo DiCaprio to drool over.

Beckett suspects Castle has a secret

Every episode should start off with Caskett banter over a cup of coffee. Oh wait, it does, except that banter usually happens out in the field, which is why domestic scenes such this are treasured moments.

Castle5x18.01Castle5x18.02 Castle5x18.03 Castle5x18.04Castle5x18.06 Castle5x18.07 Castle5x18.08

Castle eats corpse-flavored cupcakes

Castle may be a fan of this flavor, but my gut tells me this won’t catch on.

Castle5x18.10 Castle5x18.11 Castle5x18.12 Castle5x18.13

Ryan was once an undercover cop

With his constant talk about babies, it’s hard to imagine a time when Ryan wasn’t busy trying to impregnate his wife, but he actually had a very different life. He use to be an undercover cop in an Irish mob on Staten Island! Can this be a spin-off series?

Castle5x18.20 Castle5x18.21 Castle5x18.24 Castle5x18.26 Castle5x18.27 Castle5x18.28 Castle5x18.29Castle5x18.31 Castle5x18.32


Damn, Ryan looks fiiiiiiiine. That is all.

Castle5x18.40 Castle5x18.41Castle5x18.42

Meet my friends!

Charlie Brown has his Peanuts gang and Big Bird has his barrio, so it’s only natural that Ryan introduces his awesome crew. It was like watching a wrestling match…and in this corner Javi Esposito!

Castle5x18.50 Castle5x18.51 Castle5x18.53 Castle5x18.54 Castle5x18.55 Castle5x18.56 Castle5x18.58 Castle5x18.59 Castle5x18.60 Castle5x18.61

What did you think of the episode? Do you have more favorite moments? How many shamrocks do you give it?


Favorite Moments from past episodes:
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