Veronica Mars Fandom Interviews Part 2


Meet Lillian, a devoted Veronica Mars fan who has been tweeting her support for a movie since 2009. She is member of Neptune Rising and super excited to spend a day on the set once Rob Thomas begins filming. Find out how she was introduced to the show and her reaction to the Kickstarter campaign.

How were you introduced to Veronica Mars? What is it about the show/or fandom that made you become a fan?

Unfortunately, I became a Veronica Mars fan after the show was canceled. If I had discovered it while it was on air I would’ve fought to keep it there. I discovered the show in 2009. I had just signed up for Netflix and was using it to discover new TV shows. I asked my friend for recommendations on shows and she said, “Veronica Mars was pretty good”. I gave it a try and could not stop watching.  “Pretty good” was a major understatement. I was hooked with the first episode and have lost track of how many times I’ve watched it since.  I just fell in LoVe with all the characters, especially Veronica.  Her smarts and snark constantly kept me on my toes.

How do you support the show?

Now that several years have passed since the cancelation, I still try to actively promote the show to friends, tweet about the show constantly, and LoVe to be involved in the Neptune Rising Tweetathons to promote interest in a #VeronicaMarsMovie.  I follow all of the actors who have accounts on twitter.  If an actor from the show tweets about Veronica Mars, my day is pretty much made!  I take great interest in all of actors from the show, which has contributed to the careers of many.  They are a talented bunch, and I will continue to follow their careers.  Currently, Warner Brothers has given fans an email account to send all of their requests about a Veronica Mars movie.  On March 15, 2013, Kristen Bell tweeted encouraging fans to email along with her.

Fandoms are influencing how TV networks measure viewership and a show’s success. If you could meet with the executives of a major TV network to discuss how they could better involve fandoms and leverage their potential, what would you say?

Times are changing and I am glad that TV networks are recognizing fandoms for their part in making a show/movie a success.  I can tell that networks are catching on to the importance of social media.  We are seeing [more and more] TV/movie stars join twitter and I don’t think that it is a coincidence that they join or become active when it is time for their current projects to be promoted.  In fact, I would not be surprised if actors now sign contracts requiring them to be active in social media to create buzz for the project.  Live tweeting is also becoming increasingly popular as shows now have to fight, not just to have viewers, but to be one of the few shows that viewers watch in real time rather then watch later on their DVRs.  I recently read an interesting article in Entertainment Weekly about the change of heart that ABC Family had towards social media because of their show Pretty Little Liars.  There used to be a strict social media blackout because of the “top secret” nature of the show.  Now, social media is very much encouraged, even on set.  If social media had been around when Veronica Mars was on air, I know that the ratings would have been very different.  Veronica’s famous one liners are perfect for Twitter, and word of this LoVeable character would have spread like wildfire.

If I could meet with TV executives, I would tell them that they need not just listen to what their marketing person has to say about what social media says that fans say.  I would tell them to listen directly to the fans.  It’s not like they aren’t talking.

What was your reaction to Rob Thomas’ Kickstarter project?

Wednesday was a whirlwind day for me. I woke up with no plans except to pack and take a flight in a few hours. Because Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas had tweeted the day before about Entertainment Weekly, I thought that our efforts to get a Veronica Mars reunion on the cover of their magazine had finally come true, and was excited to see that announcement. What I got was more. Much, much more.

When I saw the Kickstarter campaign, my instinct was to jump on the Neptune Rising Twitter and start tweeting to all the fellow Veronica Mars fans.  Then, I started to look at all the available awards. When I saw that premiere tickets were available my heart jumped. When I saw that all those awards were claimed, my heart sank.

I was literally on the floor of my bedroom, crying. Something I had wanted so badly for so long, a Veronica Mars movie, was finally happening. And I had let the opportunity to go to the premiere and be a part of that history slip through my fingers. It sounds dramatic but I was devastated. My husband was looking at me as if I had completely lost my mind. I was crying over the fact that I was not going to be able to go to the premiere of a movie that wasn’t even made yet.  I pulled it together, threw some clothes in my suitcase, and got on the plane. I spent the next 6 hours on the flight, trying not to cry, and convincing myself that I was just happy that this immense goal was finally being met, and that I was happy for those that would get to attend the premiere.

When I got to my sister’s house that evening, she listened to me scream with happiness that the movie was finally going to be made, and cry that I had not gotten premiere tickets.  That is when she showed me a computer printout.  She had backed the Kickstarter campaign for $1,000 getting us both tickets to the LA premiere and the after party.  She had backed the campaign before I had even known about it, while I was still sleeping in bed, seeing that the premiere packages were going incredibly fast and knowing that I would not want to miss out on them.  I cannot express in an email how happy I was. It was unbelievable. More unbelievable was that my husband had been in on the whole scheme. So even when I was a crying mess on the bedroom floor that same morning, he had known that I would be going to the premiere, and had been sworn to secrecy. The Veronica Mars movie was finally being made and I was going to the premiere. I really don’t get any happier than that.

Then on Thursday, Rob released more rewards on the Kickstarter site and I could not help myself.  I backed the Veronica Mars movie for $3,000.  Between my sister’s $1,000 reward and my $3,000 reward, we will get to spend a day on the movie set, be an extra, eat lunch with the cast, go to the LA premiere, and attend the after party. And we get to experience it all together, which makes the experience that much more special and fun. Does it sound crazy for 2 women to spend $4,000 on this? Maybe to some. But we are a part of something big when we back the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign. We are putting our money where our mouths have always been, telling everyone we know that Veronica Mars was the best show on television, and deserves an ending. Every dollar is well spent on contributing to making that happen, and the experiences and stuff we get out of it is just the icing on the cake.

Thank you Lillian for being part of a great fandom.

-Mary and Louise


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