Favorite Moments from Castle 5×19 “The Lives of Others”


The 100th episode!!!! Traditionally, 100 episodes meant the series was eligible for syndication but we all know that isn’t true anymore. Just look at Veronica Mars which had 64 episodes and is now shown on SoapNet in the evenings. Firefly had THIRTEEN and is now given marathon days. Nevertheless, 100 episodes is a milestone. It’s a time to reflect give the fans what they want and have fun doing it. And Marlowe and his gang sure had fun. They wrote the episode as a tribute to one of Hitchcock’s BEST films, Rear Window, (I may be bias here because I LOVE that film) and they managed to squeeze a Caskett cuddlefest. thumbs up

Castle in a wheelchair

How adorable was it when Beckett scratched her man’s foot? I know I shouldn’t wish harm on someone else, but I wouldn’t mind if more episodes included Castle injured and Beckett nursing him back to health.

Castle5x19.01 Castle5x19.02 Castle5x19.03

Castle as a pilot

Anytime I see Nathan Fillion fly an aircraft, I will think of Firefly. It’s a fact of life. Rest in peace Firefly…and Wash (sob!).

Castle5x19.11 Castle5x19.12 Castle5x19.13 Castle5x19.14

Cuddle time

Well done, Marlowe, well done. There’s really no need to continue watching the episode past this scene, but you really should if you haven’t because there’s a great ending. Castle5x19.20

Beckett thinks Castle is crying wolf

If Castle will not go to the crime scene, the crime scene must come to Castle.

Castle5x19.25 Castle5x19.26 Castle5x19.27 Castle5x19.28 Castle5x19.29


Yay, old Alexis is back! Lately, she has been all “I’m a grown woman and I pave my path,” which has made me miss the endearing moments she had with her dad. It’s nice to see them do something together, even if that means creepily watching the neighbors across the street.

Castle5x19.30 Castle5x19.31 Castle5x19.32


“They’re waiting on the other side of that door with champagne. Conrad is there. It’s your birthday party!” Good thing, this party wasn’t on the roof, otherwise, Castle would’ve jumped off David Fincher style. Side note-I really wish Beckett could plan a movie experience birthday party for me. That would be awesome!!Castle5x19.40 Castle5x19.41 Castle5x19.42 Castle5x19.43 Castle5x19.44

Did the 100th episode deliver? What were your favorite moments? Tell me in the comments section or tweet me @PopCultureNexus. Until next time!


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

5×18 “The Wild Rover”
5×17 “Scared to Death”
5×16 “Hunt”
5×15 “Target”


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