Fringe 3×14 “6B”: First Time Viewer Reactions

Fringe Season 3 Cover

Deep breaths!!! If this episode is not on your top 10 list, then, well, you are an Observer. I remember falling in love with this episode the very first time I saw it and recorded these reactions, but I decided to watch it again before publishing this post and I thought it was BETTER than what I remembered. The episode is all encompassing. It has the case-of-the-week, but it still focuses on the characters. Mrs. Merchant’s story is the impetus for Olivia to accept Peter back in her life, and they finally become the couple we have been hoping and praying for. Gosh! Just writing about this episode makes me want to see it again. How can you not love “6B”? This happens…TWICE!!!!!!!

  • Adorable couple. batting eyelashesbatting eyelashes


  • It’s the Observer!! surprisesurprisesurprise Love this game. Instead of trying to find Waldo, we search for the baldie.
  • Good luck?!?! Is the elevator haunted? Oh snap! surprise Time to call Fringe Division.

Fringe314-6B-00128 Fringe314-6B-00150 Fringe314-6B-00161Fringe314-6B-00627 Fringe314-6B-00638 3x14.RainingMen

  • Walter made pancakes!!! big grin Awww, he misses Olivia. OH…he has an ulterior motive. winkingwinkingwinkingwinkingwinking WALTER IS THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY POLIVIA SHIPPER.big huglove strucklove strucklove struckFringe314-6B-00682 Fringe314-6B-00781 Fringe314-6B-00848 Fringe314-6B-00892 Fringe314-6B-00903 Fringe314-6B-00914 Fringe314-6B-00947 Fringe314-6B-00991
  • This scene is breaking my heart.broken heartbroken heartcrying

Fringe314-6B-01478 Fringe314-6B-01512 Fringe314-6B-01523 Fringe314-6B-01567 Fringe314-6B-01593 Fringe314-6B-01612

  • Walter: “Like a flash mob, of suicide.”

  • What is Walter doing with the coin? He got heads 10 times. The laws of physics are being disrupted and their world is starting to come undone. That is not good.nail biting
  • Walter: “It is not a soft spot, dear. It is a hole, which could potentially lead to a vortex.” Not. Good. At. All. nail bitingnail bitingAw, Walter- it’s always good to have manners, even when the universe is disintegrating.
  • I’m surprised Olivia didn’t order a whiskey at the bar. GAH! They are laughing AND SMILING!! I miss happiness!!sad

Fringe314-6B-03556 Peter.Olivia.LoveTonightFringe314-6B-03656

  • Olivia: “I want to know what that feels like.” YES!! THEY KISSED!


  • Uh oh! WHY DID THEY STOP KISSING?!?! What are you afraid of Olivia? Being happy? Falling in love? Those are good things. C’mon Peter, kiss her to make her feel better.

Fringe314-6B-03722 Fringe314-6B-03733 Fringe314-6B-03844 Fringe314-6B-03899 Fringe314-6B-03921 Fringe314-6B-03954 Fringe314-6B-03965

  • Is Mrs. Merchant from the other universe? Is she bringing her husband from the other universe? Wow, Peter just kicked that door down. That’s 5 sexy points for him. winking

  • Her husband is a ghost?? That’s new. surprisesurprisesurprisesurprise

Fringe314-6B-04180 Fringe314-6B-04214 Fringe314-6B-04228

  • The return of the amber! Walter is worried he is turning into Walternate…evil.sadsadsad You won’t Wally! You are better than him.

Fringe314-6B-06198 Fringe314-6B-06231 Fringe314-6B-06297

  • Broyles: “You think all of this is occurring because of feelings?” Really, Broyles? I don't knowI don't know You are surprised by this? Feelings are at the core of everything in the Fringe universe.

  • Oh boy. The vortex is starting!! Olivia, you have to go! Peter: “But you’ve already had what most of us only dream of. A lifetime with the person you love.” 5 more sexy points awarded to Peter. cryingcryingcrying All he wants to do is be with Olivia, the woman he loves. This merits a “I ❤ Peter” t-shirt.

  • Alice realized it’s not Derek. Phew! Now run!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, it stopped. Another apocalypse averted. Way to go team! thumbs up
  • Ms. Terminator: “Today was a vision of things to come.” worriedworried

  • Knock at the door. It’s Olivia!!!!!! big grin It should be illegal to have this much beauty and adorableness on TV. They kissed!! big huglove struckbatting eyelashesOh no, what’s wrong now, Liv? AHHHHHH!!!!!!! She is taking him to upstairs!! THEY ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!!! applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause

Fringe314-6B-09303 Fringe314-6B-09314 Fringe314-6B-09494 Fringe314-6B-09538 Fringe314-6B-09549 Fringe314-6B-09571 Fringe314-6B-09604 Fringe314-6B-09627 Fringe314-6B-09638

  • If life was easy then the “happy ending” would be appropriate, however, this is Fringe:


As always, thank you Fringe Files for the screencaps and thank you Tumblr and “dunhamgetinmybed” for providing the gifs. Is “6B” one of your favorite episodes? What’s your favorite moment?


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  1. Great recap Mary!! This was one awesome episode!! I still remember blushing, screaming and predicting that they would have a girl at the moment when Olivia leads Peter upstairs!! Thanks also for continuing to do these fringetastic reviews!!! It keeps Fringe alive!!! 🙂

  2. I miss this show and these recaps.

  3. I loved the expression on Peter’s face when Olivia walks past him, before she reaches back for his hand. WTF again?

  4. Jenny (@jenrn1970)

    Thx for the recap Mary!!! ‘Who’s the cockblocker now?’ had hilarity ensue (couldn’t figure out how to upgrade LOL 😉 ). This and ‘A Better Human Being’ are my two favs & most frequently rewatched for POlivia goodness. I’m reading this after my science channel marathon weekend. It feels good to be knee deep in the Fringe-verse rather than the occasional ep here & there. Now I’m determined to finally rewatch season 5 finally when the DVD comes out in a few weeks. I’m going to watch lotsa happy episodes to brace myself for that.

    As always thank you, thank you Mary. Oh let me know if you or/and Louise got SDCC tix for VM movie or coming down for Comic Con. I would love to buy you guys a drink!

    • GAH! We would LOVE to attend SDCC!! It’s on our wish list, and one day, we will actually go. What that day happens, everyone will know because we won’t stop talking about SDCC. HAHA -M

  5. Mary I freaking love it !!!!!!!!. I laughed my head off and YES 6 “B” IS ONE OF MY FAV. EPPY, VERY HIGH ON MY LIST. I also love 3.21 .
    Yes it should be ilegal to be this beautiful and adorableness!!!!.
    Love all your SW reference, DAMN!!! I LOVE THOSE MOVIES!!!. BTW Love the pic of Dark Vader dancing LOL LOL LOL . When he said if you only knew the poder of the Dark side is from the same movie that he says LUKE I´M YOUR FATHER

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