Veronica Mars Fandom Interviews Part 3


CONGRATULATIONS MARSHMALLOWS!! The Veronica Mars kickstarter campaign raised more than 5 million dollars and broke numerous records. Fans rock! Here’s the final installment of the Veronica Mars fandom interviews. Enjoy.

Carianne (@IMCarianne723) became a Veronica Mars fan at around 15 or 16 years old when her twin sister started watching it. She became obsessed and though the show was already off the air, she signed petitions for a movie and participated in tweetathons. Carianne kept the hope alive that one day there would be a movie, and now that is a reality. Continuing reading for her reaction to the Kickstarter campaign.

What is it about Veronica Mars that made you become a fan?

I will try and keep this question short because I could go on for days but Veronica Mars is just pure genius! I fell in love with the characters, the story lines, and the writing. Veronica Mars showed me it’s okay if you aren’t the “popular” kid and to not be afraid of sticking up for yourself. It is also, in my opinion, so much fun. Rob Thomas’ writing has a great twist of humor in it and I swear I probably reference a line from Veronica Mars almost everyday!

What was your reaction to the Kickstarter campaign?

When I learned about the Kickstarter campaign, it was literally the best thing that has ever happened and I instantly knew I had to take part in the campaign. I think the idea for fans to fund the movie is just amazing. Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas always said that they would fund the movie and we, the fans, agreed we would help and now we have that chance. I think this whole campaign just proves that if you keep the dream and the wish alive, it will happen.

Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell have signed on to be in the film? Who else would you like to see?

I am so happy that Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring are signed on for the movie. Even though I would love to see every character back I know that’s probably not going to happen, but I would love to see Percy Daggs who plays Veronica’s best friend Wallace, and of course, Enrico Colantoni, the best TV father ever! Francia Capra, Ryan Hansen – you really can’t have a movie without Dick Casablancas. Also, Tina Majorino, who plays Mac, and for my last pick it would definitely have to be Ken Marino – Vinnie Van Lowe!

Fandoms are influencing how TV networks measure viewership and a show’s success. If you could meet with the executives of a major TV network to discuss how they could better involve fandoms and leverage their potential, what would you say?

[I]f I got the chance to meet with the executive of Warner Brothers [regarding Veronica Mars], I would discuss and bring to their attention that instead of just listening to the marketing person telling them there are no more fans and not enough ratings, I would tell them that they need to listen to the fans more. I get that they are just trying to be cautious but by being so cautious, they seem to be shutting the fans out.
In general, social media has been amazing with shows. I think almost every week with the TV shows I watch there is at least one cast member that is live tweeting with the fans. I totally think that TV networks now are trying the please the fandoms more with stuff like that. I know Julie Plec, one of the creators and executive producers on The Vampire Diaries LOVES listening to the fans’ feedback and what they think about what she is doing with the show.

To the fandoms: Keep on believing and working together.

-Mary and Louise

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