Favorite Moments from Castle 5×20 “The Fast and the Furriest”

castle cover

The theme of this week’s episode was belief. What do people believe in? Castle believes in mythical creatures, Alexis believes in students wanting to change the world, and Beckett believes in love. All three characters differ in what they choose to accept in life but they don’t close themselves to the other’s beliefs. They support each other’s differences because those differences are what make them love each other.

Detective Ryan is a Curious George fan

How adorable was it seeing Det. Ryan defend the happy, little monkey? I side with Ryan on this one. Curious George would NEVER hurt someone. Find yourself another suspect, gang.

Castle5x20.20 Castle5x20.21 Castle5x20.22

Castle v. Gorilla

That gorilla was a bully. The scene did provide Fillion some screen time to showcase his hysterical facial expressions.

Castle5x20.31 Castle5x20.gorilla Castle5x20.34 Castle5x20.35 Castle5x20.36

Bigfoot prints at the scene of the crime

It really was only a matter of time until Bigfoot became a suspect in a murder investigation. Large footprints were found at the crime scene and Castle immediate thought they belonged to Bigfoot, the creature shrouded in mystery, however, Beckett remained skeptical. She plays along for minute until Castle theorizes that Bigfoot has been traveling through NYC via the subway tunnels. Can you imagine that? Get on the subway and see the 8 foot tall humanoid walking from station to station.

Castle5x20.38 Castle5x20.39 Castle5x20.40 Castle5x20.41 Castle5x20.44


Beckett may not have Castle’s imagination but she doesn’t tear him down for having it. She teases him every now and then but you can tell she loves Castle for having that childlike wonder. She will never believe in ghosts, vampires, or bigfoot but she believes in him and the bond they have created. And that’s what really matters. She is a Caskett fan as much as the rest of us.

Castle5x20.50 Castle5x20.51 Castle5x20.53Castle5x20.54 Castle5x20.55 Castle5x20.56 Castle5x20.57 Castle5x20.58

Castle in the woods

I would love to see an episode in which Castle and Beckett go camping!! Castle fully adopted the role of supernatural detective making Bigfoot calls and analyzing footprints. All he needs is a catchy theme song like what the Ghostbusters have and he could start a Bigfoot trapping business.

Castle5x20.59 Castle5x20.60 Castle5x20.61 Castle5x20.62 Castle5x20.63

What were your favorite moments from the episode? Leave a comment or Tweet me @PopCultureNexus



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