What We Learned at Awesome Con, Part 2

Nicholas Brendon before his Q&A

Nicholas Brendon before his Q&A

Perhaps it is customary or we were just overzealous about being at our first con but we bought a lot of stuff. We bought shirts and several art prints. In fact, if you are interested in decorating your house/room with pop culture items then go to comic con. Forget Crate & Barrel, artists’ alley is the place to shop. Read more about our adventures at Awesome Con…

  • Adventure Time and Dr. Who dominate. The number of Adventure Time and Dr. Who cosplay we saw on the convention floor was astounding. Neither one of us watch the shows so we did not understand how big these fandoms are at Cons until we kept bumping into a bowtie and Finn hat every 2 minutes…literally. We briefly thought about making it a game out of it similar to “punch buggy” but we realized we would end up with really bruised arms. And a drinking game version is the fastest way to a hospital bed. 
  • Ernie Hudson embraces Ghostbusters. There are some celebrities that do everything possible to live down a character and then, there are others who fully embrace it. Hudson falls in the latter group. He knows he is best known for his performance as “Winston Zeddemore” and he just rolls with it, wearing a Ghostbusters shirt and writing “Who you gonna call?” on autographs. I decided at the last minute to get in line for his autograph and when I got to table, I realized I did not prepare a single thing to say to him. After making small talk for a few seconds, I blurted out the first Ghostbusters related thought that came into my mind, “I hear they are thinking of making a new Ghostbusters film, would you be in it if you had the chance?” ::facepalm:: This was probably the 20th time he had heard the question that day, but I literally had nothing else. He kindly responded that he was interested but Hollywood is a funny place and nothing is guaranteed. Sure, it was a mediocre question but the fact that I heard him say he was interested right in front of me made me feel like Ausiello getting the scoop on an upcoming film. It was my first celebrity interview and it was awesome!
  • Fringe items are rare. I hope you don’t plan on going to a comic con to find Fringe art, because you will be sadly disappointed. All of artists we saw are SUPER talented but two stood out for me because of their television prints. They were Drew Blank (herosquares.com) and Geek Boy Press (geekboypress.com). We visited their tables multiple times and became instant fans, however one important pop culture gem was missing from their collection. They had no Fringe art. I asked both if they would make any and only Geek Boy Press said yes. He was very secretive of what the piece would look like but he guaranteed me it would be “great.” So, keep an eye out for some Fringe art from him, and in the mean time, check out both artists. They are fantastic!

No art but there was a Fringe Division patch which I, of course, bought.

  • The slayers in training were not that great. I remember watching Season 7 of Buffy and wishing I was one of the potentials, training alongside the legendary slayer, however, Nicholas Brendon says they were not so cool. Having so many new girls around the set turned the homey, familiar set into something unusual. For Brendon, their presence made it really difficult to spend time with the cast and properly say goodbye. They made the awkward season even more awkward.

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  1. If you are looking for Fringe art, check out the Fringe 365 Project – fringecomix.tumblr.com

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