Favorite Moments from Castle 5×21 “The Squab and the Quail”

castle cover

“It’s the guy from ‘Ringer’!!” His name is actually Ioan Gruffodd but I don’t know how to pronounce it so I call him “Ringer Guy” after the short lived show on the CW starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. His role in this week’s episode strangely felt like he was still playing Andrew Martin- a rich, handsome businessman. Same suits. Same hair. Just no SMG. That’s okay. Jealous Castle made up for it.

Gamer 4 Life

Poor Beckett. She had to fight with Patel for Castle’s attention. It’s funny how he spent four years trying to be with her and now when they are a couple, he decides to put a teenage boy in India before her. Silly Castle.

Castle5x22.01 Castle5x22.02Castle5x22.04 Castle5x22.05 Castle5x22.06 Castle5x22.08 Castle5x22.09

Jealous Castle

Jealousy is all Castle needs to become super detective.He goes on hyperdrive following leads in the case to minimize the time Vaughn spends with Beckett. I know we shouldn’t want to see our favorite characters distressed but jealous Castle is ADORABLE.

Castle5x22.20 Castle5x22.21 Castle5x22.22 Castle5x22.23 Castle5x22.25 Castle5x22.26

Eric Vaughn flirts

Um, dude, she is in a relationship! Who does Eric Vaughn think he is? He may be an eligible bachelor but girlfriend stealer is NOT attractive. Plus, Beckett doesn’t roll that way. She is loyal to the Caskett fans.

Castle5x22.30 Castle5x22.31 Castle5x22.32 Castle5x22.33 Castle5x22.34

Celebratory champagne

He’s a handsome, billionaire and a klutz. I guess when you are that rich, you have butlers to open champagnes bottles for you. Vaughn tried to be romantic and chivalrous opening the bottle, but he failed miserably. He almost blinded himself with the cork bottle and proved that he is probably a bigger threat to his own safety than the killer. He is definitely the damsel in distress.

Castle5x22.35 Castle5x22.36 Castle5x22.37

No one beats Clooney

Eric Vaughn may be hotter than Clooney, but he is not cooler than the Cloon man Gorgeous George. Clooney has all of the “cool” points. He is suave, an Oscar winner, and his BFF is Brad Pitt!!!! I could deliver a filibuster on Clooney’s awesomeness but I won’t. You are here for Castle not Dr. Ross. Seriously, though, if you are still fangirling over Dr. Ross/Nurse Hathaway, please leave a comment. It will make my day. big grin

Castle5x22.38 Castle5x22.39 Castle5x22.42 Castle5x22.43 Castle5x22.44

Face to face

I’m sure in France it is customary to talk that close. Poor Castle. The guy went from worrying about Beckett’s safety to finding out his rival and a secret crush kissed Beckett. It was a peck but still counts as a kiss. I’m REALLY surprised Beckett let Vaughn so close to her. Sure, she pushed him away but it was AFTER their lips touched. I’m disappointed in her and worried that she may have let this happen because she has doubts about her future with him. Yikes.

Castle5x22.45 Castle5x22.46Castle5x22.47 Castle5x22.48Castle5x22.48.5 Castle5x22.49

Beckett wants more

Beckett wants to know where this relationship is going. She loves Castle, but could this mean she may get on the next exit if he doesn’t make a more permanent commitment to their relationship? Gah, the season finale is coming and things are gonna get rough. Stock up on those tissues Caskett fans.

Castle5x22.50 Castle5x22.51 Castle5x22.52 Castle5x22.53 Castle5x22.54 Castle5x22.55

Only three more episodes left in the season. What do you think will happen? Is this week’s episode a bad omen? Share your ideas in the comments section.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

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