Favorite Moments from Castle 5×22 “Still”

castle cover

It’s montages galore! What if you collected all of the Castle gifs on Tumblr and and edited them together? You would produce this week’s episode. In “Still,” Beckett accidentally triggers a bomb and is forced to stand still until it can be deactivated. Castle remains by her side and lightens the dismal mood by conjuring a petty fight of who fell in love with the other person first. It provided some cute banter and set the stage for a retrospective episode. Here’s a clip from one of my favorite montages:

Castle in the car providing his own theme music


Oh, these crazy kids. Stepping on bombs. Getting locked in freezers. And getting shot. What will they do next?

Castle5x21.20 Castle5x21.21 Castle5x21.25 Castle5x21.26 Castle5x21.27

Caskett fight

Castle and Beckett have adorable fights. It’s always a pleasure to see Castle handle imminent death so lightheartedly.

Castle5x21.32 Castle5x21.33 Castle5x21.35 Castle5x21.36 Castle5x21.37 Castle5x21.38 Castle5x21.39

Montages, montages, montages

The montages not only highlighted the couple’s interaction over the years, but it also put Beckett”s changing hairstyles front and center. I cannot recall any other show in which the main character has had so many different hairstyles over the course of a show.

Castle5x21.40 Castle5x21.41 Castle5x21.42 Castle5x21.43 Castle5x21.44 Castle5x21.45 Castle5x21.46 Castle5x21.47

Dramatic declaration of love

Their time together was almost over. Castle was told to leave the room and leave Beckett alone to face her demise. She tearfully said goodbye to Rick and her father, but she underestimated the power of Caskett. Castle returned. For me, this was a bigger proclamation of love than his “I love you.” He risked losing his daughter and mother to be with Beckett because he never wanted her to feel alone ever again. He helped her remove that sense of isolation she was burdened with after her mother’s death, and he refused to let her experience that once again. Castle returned and greeted her like he always does, with a smile and coffee.

Castle5x21.60 Castle5x21.61 Castle5x21.62

Capt. Gates Knows

Did they really think they were fooling Captain Gates? It was quite obvious she knew what was going on since the two roamed around the precinct like two teenagers after prom. I’m happy everything is out in the open now and Gates had the sense of humor to joke about the situation and say what the fandom has been yelling for the entire episode, “Kiss already!”

Castle5x21.65 Castle5x21.66 Castle5x21.67Castle5x21.68Castle5x21.69 Castle5x21.70

Kissing montage

Oh no, they didn’t!!!! THEY INCLUDED A KISSING MONTAGE!!!  Excuse me while I go catch my breath. A kissing montage is the nail in my fangirl coffin. Did anyone else experience an acute myocardial infraction?

Castle5x21.73 Castle5x21.74 Castle5x21.75

Do you have a favorite flashback from the episode? Share in the comments section. Mine were the kissing scenes and Castle acting like a cop:

Thanks for reading!


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