Favorite Moments from Castle 5×23 “The Human Factor”

castle cover

Castle better hurry up and put a ring on Kate’s finger, otherwise, she may be packing her bags and moving to DC. It is disheartening to see the couple forced to weather another crisis, but this situation is a million times better than the stuff they’ve had to face in past. Remember that time Beckett got shot and almost died? Yeah, I think a long distance relationship is a road bump compared to that Mount Everest. The job in DC is a great opportunity for Beckett to advance her career and I don’t see any reason why Castle couldn’t move with her, however, this is TV. Season finales are NEVER supposed to be that logical. Whatever happens, I have faith that these two will work it out.

Castle playing

This is what I love about Castle. He never allowed adulthood hamper his imagination. His “toys” are more high-tech than what a twelve year old would posses, but he is not afraid to construct a mini-battfield in his living room with real sand and pretend he is in a war film. Rather than succumb to the pressure of the world to “grow up,” Castle made a living using his imagination creating worlds he would rather experience, and I think that’s something we can all admire.

Castle5x23.01 Castle5x23.02

Sentimental Castle

The feds can take all of their evidence, but they can’t take away their love. I don’t know about you, but New York should give Beckett some kind of award for Best Detective of the Century. The girl has 100 percent closure rate and she can solve a case even after her entire crime scene was seized. That’s impressive.

Castle5x23.05 Castle5x23.06 Castle5x23.07 Castle5x23.08 Castle5x23.08.5 Castle5x23.09

Rise of the machines

There needs to be more scenes of Beckett and Castle playing pranks on each other. They are adorable together when they are relaxed playing house.

Castle5x23.20 Castle5x23.22 Castle5x23.24 Castle5x23.26

Book sale

I was on a train once with a woman reading, “Heat Wave” and I contemplated going up to her and talking about the show, but I constrained myself. I didn’t want to look super awkward walking across a packed train to talk to a stranger. Have you ever gone up to someone reading a book based off of your favorite TV series or film? If so, what happened?
Castle5x23.30 Castle5x23.32 Castle5x23.34

Who saved the day?

This is like the chicken/egg question. Who save the day? I like to believe it was Castle, but you can have your own conclusion. I think we can all agree they looked like an awesome spy couple. thumbs up

Castle5x23.40 Castle5x23.42 Castle5x23.43 Castle5x23.44 Castle5x23.45 Castle5x23.46 Castle5x23.47 Castle5x23.48 Castle5x23.49

The season finale is next week. Are you ready?

Thanks for reading and thank you to castle-fans.org for the screencaps.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

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