Favorite Moments from Castle 5×24 “Watershed”

castle cover

How are you holding up Caskett fans?

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen the season 5 finale, stop reading right now!!!

MAN OH MAN! I hope Beckett gives a resounding “YES” to Castle. I mean, how could she not? In 5×21, she asked him where their relationship was going and now she knows. She gave him a drawer so she obviously loves him and wants to commit. Perhaps, it’s the frustrated shipper in me but why is the job such a deal breaker for Beckett? People can have successful long distance relationships, and Castle can move to DC. I’m sure there are plenty writers that live in Washington DC and write their novels there. Sure, the city is humid in the summer but it’s not like the weather depletes the population of creativity. What’s the big obstacle, guys?! Sorry, I had to vent. Let’s hope I’m riled up for nothing, and in a few months, we can start planning a wedding. big grin

Gates approves

Captain Gates is a stern leader but she wants what is best for her team. She encourages Beckett to take the job in DC, reminding her it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to advance her career. Unfortunately, she fails to consider Castle in her advice. Gates is a great mentor, but her viewpoint is professional only, which is what frustrates me with the character. Not even Montgomery was this one-dimensional, so here’s hoping Gates gets more episodes next season which explores her background.

Castle5x24.20 Castle5x24.21 Castle5x24.22Castle5x24.23 Castle5x24.24 Castle5x24.25 Castle5x24.26 Castle5x24.27

Esposito is afraid to talk about babies

Either Esposito is afraid to settle down with a family or he just really does not want to see Beckett pregnant because he got super antsy when Ryan began talking about pregnancy. It will be interesting to see Esposito’s reaction around Jenny or the new baby. I have a feeling he will be a cool uncle though. big grin

Castle5x24.30 Castle5x24.31 Castle5x24.32 Castle5x24.33 Castle5x24.34 Castle5x24.35 Castle5x24.36 Castle5x24.37 Castle5x24.38 Castle5x24.39

Trouble in paradise

Was anyone else super frustrated with Beckett that she hid the job offer from Castle? It felt like she was giving up on her relationship – like she gave up after 5×21 when she realized Castle wasn’t thinking long term about their future. Her actions are self destructive and she just continues to dig herself into a deeper mess when she downplays the importance of the situation after Castle finds the ticket stub to DC. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Kate. Why are you doing this?

Castle5x24.40 Castle5x24.41 Castle5x24.42 Castle5x24.43 Castle5x24.44 Castle5x24.45 Castle5x24.46 Castle5x24.48 Castle5x24.49

Beckett gets nostalgic

So much has happened in that interrogation room. They all involve Beckett getting a confession and saving the day.
Castle5x24.50 Castle5x24.51 Castle5x24.52 Castle5x24.53 Castle5x24.54

The moment we’ve all been waiting for

Will she say yes??????????????? You are such a tease, Mr. Andrew Marlowe. Of course we are going to return for the premiere! We want to know her response!

Castle5x24.62 Castle5x24.63 Castle5x24.64 Castle5x24.65 Castle5x24.66 Castle5x24.67 Castle5x24.68

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting. I began writing crazy, Castle photo captions in February and the reblogs I’ve gotten on Tumblr have been MIND BLOWING. Checking the Tumblr activity the morning after a Castle post has always brightened my day. Thanks for sharing the content and I hope you got a few laughs from them.

Screencaps from castle-fans.org


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  1. Castle freaked out too much that her moving to DC was going to end their relationship. I don’t doubt these kids will live happily ever after but he proposed to her out of fear of losing her so I think she’s going to say a no for right now or until he does it for the right reasons. Maybe. I don’t know. lol

  2. I’m very conflicted about what I think Beckett will do or say, what Marlowe will do, and the possibilities in my head are endless. I’m just at a point where I’ve stopped trying to figure it out, and now I’m just anxiously waiting like the little fangirl that I am.

    In other news, these pictures have me in tears. Oh gosh, those captions.

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