My Thoughts After Watching Continuum


About a month after Fringe ended, I asked our Twitter followers to recommend a sci-fi show to fill the void Fringe had left. Many recommended the Canadian show, Continuum, which had only one season under its belt. I read the synopsis and swore to give it a try. I finally sat down to watch the show over Memorial Day weekend and I REALLY ENJOYED IT. It is an engaging show with the major elements I love of the sci-fi genre: A strong female character, males that support the female character, and a hero trying to save the world.

Here’s a recap of things I learned watching the show:


Rachel Nichols looks a lot like Jodie Foster


I know I’m not the first person to observe this but this is my first time seeing Nichols. I’ve never seen any of her other work so I was super surprised when she appeared on the screen. They could easily pass as sisters.

Behind that beautiful face is a sinister secret


There’s no way he can be that perfect. Greg Cameron just seems like the perfect husband. He supports his wife, her job, and he thinks she’s a badass. Perfect, right? Seems that way, but I’ve always been bothered by his reaction to Kiera’s presence at the execution in episode 1. She is an officer for CPS so of course she would be there, but he wasn’t expecting her to be in the room which makes me believe he knew what was going to happen. I was suspicious but his charming smile suppressed my distrust. It was like his beautifully symmetrical, smooth face put a spell on me and I focused on how great a husband and father he is. However, no character is free of blemishes (perhaps in a Disney movie but never in sci-fi), and after a few episodes, the closet door hiding the skeletons began to open. Season 1 is just scratching the surface of Greg Cameron’s character so I am quite excited to see what Season 2 will reveal. My gut still tells me he was in on old Alec’s plan.

The suit can be a bad thing


Yes, the suit is cool and I wish I had one but it worried me at first. It worried me because its powers seemed endless, and when a character has the tools to get out of any situation then there is no obstacle to overcome. It’s difficult to engage with a show and its characters when the technology can resolve everything. Kiera can’t go on an emotional journey if her Inspector Gadget-like suit makes her impervious to danger. I guess the writers felt the same way because the suit was taken out of commission mid-season, and Kiera had to continue her mission without her failsafe. Her fate was uncertain and this uncertainty pulled me in. I had to continue watching because I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

I have a crush on Erik Knudsen


Forget Victor Webster, my heart belongs to Erik Knudsen. I do want to mention that I love Knudsen’s character as well, young Alec Sadler. Alec is a scientist, genius, and a wizard on the computer. Yes, having impressive computer/technology skills is sexy. It also doesn’t hurt that Knudsen is pretty. day dreaming Okay, back to the character…Alec Sadler. He is by far one of the most intriguing characters on the show. He is alive in both 2012 and 2077, and he is involved somehow with Liber8. Young Alec holds the answers to the questions in the show, and not even he knows what those answers are…yet. How cool is that?!?! He is responsible for sending Kiera to 2012 and only he can send her back. That makes him Oz and Kiera Dorothy trying to get home.

Vancouver is a hot spot


Continuum is a Canadian television show filmed in Vancouver, meaning two VERY awesome things happen: 1. Locations used in Fringe appear (fangirl attack) 2. And Canadian actors from my other favorite sci-fi shows guest star on the series. So far, I’ve seen Tahmoh Penikett and Jonathan Lloyd Walker. Penikett was a treat to see, but my real surprise was to see Walker. Anyone remember the Disney show, So Weird? Well, I do. It was one of my favorite shows growing up (the Fi years not the Annie year) and Walker was in one episode. I knew he looked familiar when I saw him, and after a few minutes searching the web, my suspicion was confirmed. IT WAS HIM!! I get super excited whenever I see actors from my old shows appear in my current TV lineup, so here’s hoping he returns at Martin Bradley in season 2.

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Join me on Friday when the season 2 premieres on Syfy at 10 PM EST



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  1. I cant believe this show isn’t that known! Its such a well made and just hands down good show. Of course its no Fringe but it may have the potential to be.

  2. Hello Mary! I’m Silvia from Italy and I’m a big fan of Continuum and Alec/Erik: he is a fantastic and charismatic character. He is the true protagonist of the serie. I like also Kiera, but Alec is the best ❤

  3. The husband, Greg Cameron, has to be part of LIBERATE! I mean I just started the show so I don’t know if that has already been said or not. My evidence; first and foremost, is that how he reacted when he saw that Keira was in the chamber, right be for the time jump. This reaction ONLY makes sense, if he knew what was going to happen, beforehand. Second, and I’ll admit this is merely speculative, is how when the power shuts off in episode 4 I believe, he knows the exact second it will turn back on.

  4. I recently started watching Almost Human only to become disappointed when i learned it had already been cancelled.

    As a sci-fi fan, I began to review other shows that might pique my interest.

    As quite a few US sci-fi shows have been filmed in Canada, I seemed to gravitate more towards Canadian made shows.

    Currently enjoying Dark Matter and then I discovered Continuum!

    Four seasons! How did I miss this?

    Currently going through the S1 box set with S2 lined up – an unbelievably low price from Amazon UK.

    Interesting that many of the characters have also appeared in the StarGate universe in SG-1, Atlantis and SGU.

    So I am a happy bunny all over again.

    Rachel Nichols is credible as Cameron and does bear more than a passing resemblance to Jodie Foster at some angles.

    Alas, the news that S4 is to be the last is disappointing. Still, at least I get to watch all the eps over four seasons!

    Just a bit giddy!

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