Happy Birthday Olivia Dunham!


Okay, so it’s really Anna Torv’s birthday but we decided to take this opportunity and throw Olivia a party. And, let’s face it…we just want to bring the Fringe fans together again because we miss each other.

We all know Olivia is a minimalist but today we are going to shower her with lots of gifts, both practical and impractical stuff. Perhaps you want to give her a pet rock or a pink rhinestone covered knit hat. It doesn’t matter. She can’t say no! Share your gift for the most badass Fringe agent in the comments section, and remember to be creative and ALWAYS have fun.

Possible gift ideas:

Inconspicuous clothing

Olivia’s clothing palette never strays far from earth tones, so consider buying jackets and pants that easily blend with the pavement.



The girl likes her liquor and we’ll just leave it at that.

OliviaDunham.bday2 OliviaDunham.bday3

Free babysitting

Who wouldn’t want to babysit Etta? She’s instantly the coolest kid in this universe because her parents are Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop. She may have some trouble following directions – ahem…not running to her dad in the park when she is called – but the little tyke is cute as a button. Knowing her family, she’s probably very skilled at the game, Operation, so be sure to brush up on your surgical skills.


Han Solo Halloween costume

The similarities are uncanny. Both strike stunning poses, spent some time in ‘hibernation,’ and they both hang out with guys who hate wearing clothes.


New toaster

Olivia must always have a properly working toaster in her house. Imagine how disappointed she would be if she woke up at 3 AM to make toast but her appliance was broken. Don’t let that happen to her. Great gift items include any essential item she needs to make her favorite snack such as bread, butter, and a knife.


Don’t forget to share your gift for the birthday girl in the comments!

*Images from fringefiles.com and ladymanson.com

-Mary and Louise


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  1. A Keurig that only makes everything but tea since I assume she stays away from tea now…

  2. A Keurig that makes everything but tea as I assume drinking tea is no longer an option for O. Dun.

  3. A framed photograph of the Dunham-Lee family from the Alternate Universe: a reminder/souvenir from her time there!

  4. A GPS locator for Peter since she seems to misplace him a lot. XD

  5. Didn’t realize how much I miss the recaps until just now. I gift her a whole case of whiskey since clearly she needs it with the crazy life she has!

  6. A new Macbook, because hers was hacked when Ella was painting her horsies and is therefore unsafe.


    I would give her an e-book filled with Louise’s Photo Recaps and Mary’s First Timer Reviews because she deserves a good laugh!

  8. A day off. The poor girl really needs it.
    p.s I miss fringe photo recaps soooooooooooo much….

  9. You Anna fans are disgusting. So you dedicate an entire post on Anna/Olivia for her birthday but YOU DIDN’T HAVE THE COMMON COURTESY TO DO THE SAME FOR JOSHUA JACKSON ON HIS BIRTHDAY!


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