Jenny Attends the Veronica Mars Panel


Outside the theater
(All photos provided by Jenny)

Jenny is a die-hard Veronica Mars and on July 19, she was one of the lucky few who attended the fan panel. Read about her experience:

On the show:

To the best of my knowledge I watched it from the pilot or at the very least started watching early in the first season. It was instant love, and instant longing. You see, living in San Diego for my entire adult life I had just left to do travel nursing. AND THEY WERE FREAKING FILMING THERE!!! What timing!!  Had I been home I would have totally gone to Background San Diego to see if I could be an extra!!! Oh the humanity!! Despite all this, my love for Veronica Mars only grew until they were filming at San Diego State. That inspired a Fritos fight with my television screen. But still…it is by far one of my favorite shows of all time. Up there with FringeWest Wing and X-Files. Over the years I’ve had the DVDs but was thrilled when it started playing on the Soap Opera Network. My mother now has become a huge fan and Kickstarter backer! We can’t wait until we have our digital copies!! I’d say we’d want to watch it together but you know that thing will be in the DVD player the second it arrives!  Oh and by the way, I came home to San Diego when it was the Fall. The first Fall without Veronica Mars filming. Very, very, very sad me.

On the panel:

We sat to the side of the theater and we were not far from the front. The documentary crew had three seats in front of us reserved for themselves. They filmed us as we were entering the theater. First, they played the videos the celebs made for the Kickstarter campaign. I love Ryan Hansen’s video the best with the dancing. We were seated not far from the exit door and it was some time around then we saw people taking peeks out. We caught a glimpse of Kristen Bell, and she seemed as excited as the crowd was for the event.

Kristin Dos Santos hosted the event and started us off with a trivia round with prizes from Samsung. Some of those questions were TOUGH! Like who did the art work on Keith Mars’ office walls? After they showed the trailer, the cast came out. It all seems so much of a blur. I truly should have been taking notes or something but I was sooo excited and in a heady daze after it all! I just remember being in so much awe as they came out. Now, I really wish I didn’t take blurry photos and just watched them! The first questions to the cast were about the Kickstarter campaign experience and their thoughts on it. It was really sweet. It really showed us how fans have an impact on things. Tina Majorino got misty eyed when she talked about how thrilled she was at the movie being funded and how thankful she was to the fans for doing this. Percy Daggs III and Francis Capra were also very, very heartfelt in their thank yous. It’s odd because as a HUGE Fringe fan, I saw how emotional JH Wyman would get in thanking the fans for getting the 5th season but I don’t know if it ever really hit home. Attending this event you really felt that you made an impact and thedirector and actors were over the moon grateful for us. We all know shows would not exist if there weren’t fans but I never felt important as a fan until that moment there in that theater.

There were lots of fun questions. One of the funniest is on YouTube. They asked about the chemistry between Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell. There was a lot of fun being had in the fight between Team Piz and Team Logan. Both guys brought t-shirts. The two most quiet in the group were Jason and Rico. Jason was clearly shy, which is even more endearing! He is also really tall too. Also, one of my favorite comedians/actors showed up. Ken Marino. Love that guy. His Tales of Burning Love web series is hilarious! Trying hard to think of other events! I remember the cake for Kristen Bell’s birthday at the end. Of course the whole theater sang for her. I just remember laughing throughout it all and being so amazed being close to these people! Francis Capra talked a LOT but he seems to have that type of personality. I wish we heard more from Rico and Ryan but they were more reserved. The jokester of the feast was definitely Chris Lowell. I still remember hating Piz. I thought he was kind of a nudge, but seeing Chris Lowell in person has given me an entirely new perspective. Rob Thomas was so gracious and personable, which gives me hope for Hollywood.

And then it just ended! It was a great time. A time I will cherish forever.

Thank you Jenny for sharing your experience!


Kristen Bell caught sneaking a peek at the audience


Veronica Mars cast panel



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  1. You are welcome!! My first experience going to a fan event. I seriously now want to go to Comic Con next year!

    Jenny @jenrn1970

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