‘True Blood’ Finale: Umm…What?

Eric reading naked True Blood 6x10

“Welcome to the new age…” As Imagine Dragons’ summer anthem “Radioactive” blasted through the end credits of True Blood’s sixth season finale, I thought of how well that lyric fits with the episode. For once, the last ten minutes of True Blood’s finale seemed to usher in a “new age” rather than stopping abruptly in the middle of a current one. As much as I love a good cliffhanger ending (it’s the nine months of waiting afterwards that I’m not too fond of), it was nice to have some modicum of resolution before fading to black … except for that one tiny thing about WHERE THE HELL IS ERIC AND IS HE OKAY? But more on that later.

Alright, cards on the table: I did not love this season. Granted, it did improve as it went along, but it was still a bit of a clusterf**k. However, I did enjoy the finale, despite the fact that it felt like someone took a bunch of Ritalin, broke into the writers’ room and rearranged their storyboards. (“…And Bill writes a book! And Sookie ends up with Alcide! And Sam is the mayor! And Eric is reading a book naked on a mountain! MWAHAHA!”) The final hour managed to bring together a few of the plot lines, albeit in a somewhat forced Frankensteinian way. As jarring as it was, I think the time jump helped provide a little resolution after an inconsistent season. It’s not often that we get to see these characters actually progress, but by fast-forwarding six months, we were able to see the results of all the character development that they went through during the jam-packed week and a half (give or take) that was the first nine episodes. It was like watching an Oprah: Where Are They Now? special, only you knew at the end that things were just going to get worse for everyone.

*Read the rest of Louise’s review over at TheTelevixen.com!


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  1. Yes, yes, we all saw Eric’s willy in the season finale of True Blood . But a lot of other stuff happened, too. Big, dire, dramatic stuff. So, before hitting the comments to discuss the aforementioned appendage, let’s go over that other stuff, shall we?

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