Book Review: The Guild The Official Companion



And the fact that our fans saw our process step by step, had input in our show, were extras in the show, helped us make the credits and sets and funded us, that is a truly beautiful thing. We made something awesome together.

Whether you are a fan of The Guild or fandoms in general, you should probably check out The Guild: The Official Companion. The book was published by Titan Books and has great behind the scenes content on the making of the series and music video. There are pictures of the cast and notable guest stars such as Nathan Fillion and Wil Wheaton, but the best part is that the each one of the show’s six seasons has a chapter. This allows the reader to experience the show’s progression from a small, YouTube DIY webseries to a webseries filmed at a gaming convention with a slightly larger budget. Don’t be fooled though. The slightly larger budget and corporate sponsorship never diluted the show’s appealing grassroots quality. The show is still a do-it-yourself project but its powerful fanbase has allowed it to gain additional resources. The fanbase is what makes The Guild stand out as a success story and the Official Companion acknowledges that through interviews and a touching introduction by Felicia Day. The book is a love letter to the fans. It recognizes the importance of positive fandoms which is why I encourage both Guild and non-Guild viewers to check it out.



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