First Time Viewer Reactions: Fringe 3×16 “Os”

Fringe Season 3 Cover

Happy Birthday Pop Culture Nexus! Let’s kick off this birthday bash with a Fringe post.

There have been some ultimate cockblockers on the show but William Bell receives the gold medal. Peter and Olivia were at the peak of couple bliss when Bell decided to inhabit Olivia’s body. REALLY?! You, sir, are barbaric. The Polivia ship was sailing smoothly- holding hands, kissing each other in the hall…day dreamingday dreamingday dreamingday dreamingday dreamingday dreaming It was like finding a unicorn-rare and majestic. Polivia will eventually return so in the meantime, let’s have fun watching  Olivia act like Bell.

  • Walter has a bong.rolling on the floorrolling on the floor The man still thinks he is in the 70s.

  • That’s Hurley from Lost!!! It’s like an Abrams family reunion.

  • Walter created a new flavor of cupcake frosting – baconberry. Once again, it works for the show but I don’t think that flavor would be embraced in the real world. However, I do underestimate the power of bacon.

  • Walter: “Peter and Olivia. I thought you knew. They are a couple now.” Nina: “Well, that’s wonderful.” big grinrolling on the floorrolling on the floor He is worse than TMZ. I love how they ship Polivia as much as the fans do.

Fringe316Os-00585 Fringe316Os-00697 Fringe316Os-00699

  • Oh, look at you Peter working in the lab all academic-like. winkingwinking Weeeeeeeee!! Olivia is calling Peter to go with her to a street fair. **WINK WINK** love struck

Fringe316Os-01373 Fringe316Os-01374 Fringe316Os-01477 Fringe316Os-01478 Fringe316Os-01547 Fringe316Os-01561

  • Awwww. Look at that adorable smile from Olivia at Peter. day dreamingday dreaming It should have been a crime to make us wait this long for all this cuteness.

  • It’s Alan Ruck!surprise
  • Hmh. Belly was searching for the perfect bowel movement. TMI. TMI.
  • Walter: “When your mother and I were courting, we used to take long walks in the park. But I can see for your generation that a drive to a warehouse would be just as enchanting.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor

Fringe316Os-02826 Fringe316Os-02868

  • Peter and Olivia are playing a trust game. THEY ARE ADORABLE! Have I said that, yet? happy Someone is not fully participating in the game…Peter, I’m looking at you!waiting

  • Poor Astrid, she has to get rid of the excess blood. Girl gets stuck doing all the dirty work. sad
  • Yay, more Polivia goodness!! applauseapplauseapplause They should go on pizza runs more often!!

Fringe316Os-05082.v2 Fringe316Os-05096 Fringe316Os-05110 Fringe316Os-05166 Fringe316Os-05180

  • Dr. Krick found another victim. no talking He’s preying on their vulnerabilities to make his son walk again.

  • Peter you idiot! No jumping on the floating guy is rule #5 in the agent handbook!!!

Fringe316Os-08001 Fringe316Os-08033

  • Father and son moment. Michael: “Is that how you see me? As something that you need to fix?” OH SNAP!! Poor kid. sad
  • This is a really cool scene. One science-bending father to another science-bending father.


  • Oh, this is not good! Dr. Krick didn’t change the laws of physics. Physics is changing. Yikes!
  • Peter and Olivia are meeting in the hall to make out. I LOVE THEM! I love how smiley she is. big hugbig hugday dreamingkisskisskiss
  • The bell is the key! Wordplay! LOL Walter is looking at Ms. Terminator expecting his old friend, “Belly?” laughing

  • WTF. Olivia is Bell! Her voice! WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED???? I don't knowI don't knowI don't knowI don't knowI don't knowI don't know

Thank you Fringe Files for the screencaps and thank you Tumblr and “dunhamgetinmybed” for providing the gifs.


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  1. godsgirl1989blog

    Thank you so much Mary for doing another one of these brilliant recaps!! Please continue to do more as 3X18 is one of my very favorite eps and I would love to see your recap on that one!

    Anyway this review cracked me up as usual and I believe that this was the best Polivia episode of the whole series! #SweetnessOverload


  3. you are ah-mazing! great choice of gifs!

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