Happy Fifth Anniversary Fringe

Fringe and Pop Culture Nexus share the same anniversary date!

Five years ago today, Fringe premiered its first episode. Some left after the pilot but others stayed and encouraged people on social media to give the show a chance. The most impressive feat was on Twitter where the fans worked together to get a hashtag trending one hour before the show aired. In honor of the show’s anniversary, tell us the hashtag you would choose for season 6 episode 1. Who knows…maybe in a parallel universe, fans are eagerly awaiting the season 6 premiere.

Here’s a look back at the Season 5 hashtags:

5×01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11” – #TheyAreHere

5×02 “In Absentia” – #AnotherWay

5×03 “The Recordist” – #ForTheRecord

5×04 “The Bullet That Saved the World” – #TurningPoint

5×05 “An Origin Story” – #ShowNoMercy

5×06 “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” – #NothingIsImpossible

5×07 “Five-Twenty-Ten” – #IPredict

5×08 “The Human Kind” – #HumanKind

5×09 “Black Blotter” – #FreeYourMind

5×10 “Anomaly XB-6783746” – #FarFromNormal

5×11 “The Boy Must Live” – #NeverLetGo

5×12 “Liberty” – #KeepLookingUp

5×13 “An Enemy of Fate” – #WeCrossedtheLine


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  1. #looktothefuture #thefutureisours

  2. godsgirl1989blog

    Awww….SO MANY MEMORIES WITH THESE HASHTAGS….I CAN HARDLY TAKE IT!!! Ok so there is no way I can choose just one hashtag for our imaginary season 6 starting in two weeks so here are a few of my picks…… #ComeBackWalter #BathTimeWithEtta #OpenTheWhiteTulip #WeSupportFringeBecauseItsCool 🙂

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