The New ‘Survivor’ Cast as Characters from ‘Lost’

Survivor Blood vs Water cast

As I watched the season premiere of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water last week, I felt a sudden sense of déjà vu. Not because this was the 27th time I’ve watched a group of people in bathing suits try to start a fire with bamboo, but because seeing John (returning player Candice’s doctor hubby) get teary-eyed amidst a backdrop of tropical foliage immediately reminded me of Jack from Lost. Once I made that connection, I couldn’t stop seeing these castaways as characters from Lost. Most of the parallels are a bit of a stretch, but if you happen to be obsessed with Lost as well as a Survivor fan, you might just agree…

*WARNING: There are some Lost spoilers, as well as spoilers from the first episode of Survivor: Blood Vs. Water.

Jack John Lost Survivor

John = Jack, the weepy doctor-–I think John cried more in the Survivor premiere than Jack did in the whole first season of Lost. And that’s saying something. They’re both also ridiculously handsome. The only difference is that Jack’s debilitating hero complex would have ensured that he took Candice’s place on Redemption Island in a heartbeat. John instead opted to keep his spot in the game, a painful decision that resulted in some dignified crying later on (AKA “jears“).

Vytas Charlie Survivor Lost

Vytas = Charlie, the former junkie seeking redemption—In addition to having overcome addiction, both also have complicated relationships with their brothers. Plus, ten-to-one Vytas knows how to play the guitar.

Rupert and Hurley Survivor Lost

Rupert = Hurley, the likable comic relief with hippie hair—Okay, this comparison is more befitting of the Rupert we knew from Pearl Islands. These days I have a very low tolerance for Rupert 2.0 and his newfound self-righteousness.

Kat and Hayden Shannon and Boone

Kat & Hayden = Shannon & Boone, the young, annoying couple who are pretty much useless—First, they look like they walked out of an Abercrombie ad. Second, they’re incredibly irritating. Third, Kat and Hayden were both on CBS reality shows, so it’s basically like they’re step-siblings, à la Shannon and Boone.

Candice Juliet Survivor Lost

Candice = Juliet, the strong-willed doctor that no one likes in the beginning—Poor Candice was the first person voted out of her tribe in Jeff’s signature impromptu-vote-before-you-even-have-time-to-put-your-bags-down. But like Juliet (who took the wrath directed at her from fellow island-dwellers in stride), Candice is a tough one to break. She told her tear-proned husband that she thought she could beat Rupert on Redemption Island, so he shouldn’t switch places with her. I think if Candice gets the chance, she’ll show everyone what a BAMF she is, in true Juliet fashion.

Colton Ben Lost Survivor

Colton = Ben Linus, the conniving villain—At first he seems to be pure evil, but then he shows you a softer side. Is this brief glimpse of his humanity just the latest part of his plan to manipulate everyone, or is he really just misunderstood? Ultimately, you’re never sure who the real Ben or Colton is.

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 7.52.10 PM

Ciera = Claire, the young mother—These two also share bubbly personalities that might actually be so adorable that they’re borderline annoying. On the plus side, at least Ciera doesn’t have a thick accent that makes her constant whining about her “baybee” insufferable.

Brad Culpeper and Pickett Lost Survivor

Brad Culpepper = Pickett, the man whose love for his wife makes him do stupid things—You may remember Pickett as the “Other” who tried to kill Sawyer in an effort to avenge his wife Colleen’s death. Meanwhile, Brad spent most of the first two days on Survivor trying to take back his implication that he would rather lose a challenge if it meant his wife and her tribe would win some much-needed supplies. Clearly Brad needs to take a lesson from John and just let his wife suffer, and then cry about it later…shirtless.

Any other fans of Survivor and Lost want to weigh in? Is Jeff Probst the Smoke Monster? Too bad there aren’t any time-jumping Scotsmen on this season of Survivor or we’d have our Desmond Hume. And to answer your question: no, I will never stop looking for unsubstantiated Lost references in other TV shows. “WE HAVE TO GO BACK!” *cue jears*


*All images are property of CBS and ABC


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