TV Twitter Reactions: How I Met Your Mother 9×01 & 9×02

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The final season of How I Met Your Mother has begun! We finally know who the mother is and fans are not shy about sharing their reactions.


  • @CaptainJack4 At first I had doubts, but I’m loving Cristin Milioti as the Mother. #HIMYM
  • @chrstyschitz Ted and the Mother have chemistry. It makes me happy, and it’s making me cry a little bit. Stupid emotions! #HIMYM
  • @ashnesta My review on #himym: I didn’t cry so it wasn’t good enough
  • @AlexTerruso Ah, #HIMYM – good to have you back. Even though you make me reassess my life with every good episode. Ted Mosby, you bastard.
  • @psshutup smart to have lily meet the mother before ted b/c she’d be the hard ass when it comes to ted’s wife so that’s already resolved #himym
  • @lawrencedng #HIMYM the tears…. they are real…
  • @digi_smile I can tell this last season of #HIMYM is going to give me all kinds of feels.
  • @number1rold King Joffrey reference during the #HIMYM season opener. Slowly winning my heart back.
  • @mgirman One of the worst #HIMYM episodes. Maybe it’s a good thing that it’s ending.
  • @DoctorJPH She’s had about five lines of dialogue, and I’m already in love with the mother. #livingvicariously #HIMYM
  • @HelloDawley12 As much as I hate Ted it was great to see that very first scene with #TheMother. #happiness #HIMYM #greatepisode
  • @Rhowdy17 She’s not good enough for you, Ted! #overprotectivetvwatcher #himym
  • @AmberFry #HIMYM , nervous how I’ll feel about the new character…
  • @MrsPoshClarke Cried at #HIMYM and felt compelled to drink wine!

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