Favorite Moments from Castle 6×01 “Valkyrie”

castle cover

Castle is back! And we finally get Beckett’s response to the VERY, VERY important question. Will she be Castle’s lifelong laser tag partner? She says yes! Beckett says yes to the marriage proposal, they kiss, and they live happily. HAHA This is the season premiere folks! It can’t be that easy. Beckett moves to DC to become a federal agent and Castle reunites with her after finishing his book tour. They kiss again. (I doubt fans will complain seeing more of that winking) Unfortunately, Castle can’t be involved in the investigation but he does his own snooping and gets into MAJOR trouble – like “I’m gonna die in 24 hours” trouble. Welcome to a new season everyone!

She Said Yes!

Beckett almost gave him a heart attack with her “no, yes, no” response, but she finally said yes. The best part was when Castle told her he wasn’t proposing to make her stay. He loves her and is committed to making the relationship work despite the long distance.

Castle5x24.67Castle6x01.01 Castle6x01.02 Castle6x01.03 Castle6x01.04 Castle6x01.05Castle6x01.06

Alexis and Boys

Returning readers know that I have been a bit disappointed in Alexis. I know she is growing up and she will do some crazy things as a young adult, but the Alexis we’ve been seeing in recent seasons is far removed from the responsible kid we saw in seasons 1 and 2. She is bringing random guys to her dad’s place now?! Sure, she became friends with Pi in Costa Rica but surprising her dad with the guest was not cool.

Castle6x01.10 Castle6x01.11 Castle6x01.12 Castle6x01.13 Castle6x01.14 Castle6x01.15Castle6x01.17

Surprise Booty Call

Castle missed his girl so much he flew to Washington DC to see her. She was a bit tense though and met him with a gun. In other words, they were roleplaying cop and burglar.

Castle6x01.30Castle6x01.31 Castle6x01.33 Castle6x01.34

Hey Girl

Aww, Castle was just trying to help Beckett but his curiosity got him into a car accident and almost jeopardized her career.  How cute was he when he waved at Beckett from the ambulance?

Castle6x01.40 Castle6x01.41

Curiosity Killed the Cat Castle

Considering the number of times Castle has been in trouble, I’m surprised he doesn’t have his lawyer on speed dial. I think it would be really cool if the writers took advantage of the deadly poison storyline to bring in Neil Patrick Harris. Just think about it. Castle goes to see a specialist whose name is Dr. Doogie Howser and BAM! It’s a Captain Hammer/Dr. Horrible reunion! Just like the Emmys.

Castle6x01.50 Castle6x01.51 Castle6x01.55

What did you think of the season premiere? Are you excited to see Caskett as an engaged couple? Thanks for reading and thank you to castle-fans.org for the screencaps.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

5×23 “The Human Factor”
5×22 “Still”
5×21 “The Squab and the Quail”


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