New Season of Once Upon a Time and New Book!

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Season 3 has officially begun and Oncers are rejoicing. But the season premiere isn’t the only thing to celebrate. On October 1, Titan Books will release the official companion to the show, Once Upon a Time Behind the Magic. The book features visually stunning photographs and interviews with the cast and series co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis. There are in-depth episode guides but what makes this guide so different from your typical article on the show is the collection of interviews with the crew. The book certainly lives up to its title with its examination of special effects, costumes, music, props, and production design. Crew members from each department offer a behind the scenes look at the elements that make the magic possible in Storybrooke. Find out what inspired Mark Isham to compose the music for the series and read how Bill Burd selected some of the iconic props. If you are like me who loves reading about the work it takes for an episode to be prepped before its filmed, then you will enjoy this guide.

Reactions from fans after the Season 3 premiere:

  • @ItsMsMissy That was a twist ending #OUAT #SaveHenry
  • @BonesofSnow Well that was awesome. S3 of #OUAT is going to rock if the premiere is any indication.
  • @denardra is it just me or is that kid’s hair a little perfect for him to be peter… #OUAT #OnceUponATime
  • @JenMRicci Omg that episode of #OUAT was absolutely fantastic.
  • @MzHill08 Never underestimate the wrath of a loving mom! #ouat Great way to start the season!!
  • @YMo_tornado This show actually will ruin your childhood. But I love it. #OUAT
  • @hera_b Decent episode of #OUAT!! Can’t wait to see more of Neverland!!
  • @vivian_bermudez OUAT premiere was kind of anti-climatic. Like I liked it but it wasn’t as plot driven as I thought it would be. Hopefully it gets better.
  • @writetherestfic #OuaT was actually pretty decent. Far better than most of season 2.
  • @JoMoLovely13 I’m scared of Peter Pan. Trips to Disney World will be awkward now #ouat
  • @Erin_R_Crawford Oh my gosh what an awesome episode! Can’t wait for next week!! #ouat #SaveHenry
  • @ChrisStein So #OnceUponATime is taking one of the most beloved Disney characters in #PeterPan, and making him a villain this season? Do not approve
  • @prettyonpointe Can I just say that missing the Once Upon a Time season premier will probably cause me emotional trauma for the rest of my life. #ouat 😭

Share your reactions to season premiere in the comments section.



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  1. I thought the premier was pretty good, I think my favorite moment was when Henry was born at 8:15 as I am a huge LOST fan and part of the reason I watch OUAT is for the LOST easter eggs.

    I also love the complicated relationships between Emma and her parents because they are all the same age, as it reminds me of Etta with her parents, that were not much older than her.

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