Fall TV: Week 1 Report Card

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We’re officially knee-deep in a new fall TV season! Welcome to another year of chair turning, big banging, and lots of shows with variations of “mother” and “father” in the title. After a week packed full of premieres, here’s a breakdown of which new shows we watched and how we rated them…


Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Premiere ratings: 11.9 million

Louise’s take

Grade: A-

Highlight: Agent Ward (Brett Dalton) under the influence of truth serum: “And, yes, it did hurt a little bit, but I always try and mask my pain in front of beautiful women ’cause I think it makes me seem more masculine.” (I’m already in love with Brett Dalton.)

Room for improvement: This isn’t necessarily something they can improve on, but I’m still a little dubious about the casting of Chloe Bennet as Skye. She’s a hacker who lives out of her van, yet she still has the hair of Pippa Middleton. I guess it’s too late to grunge her up a little bit now that she’s on the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, which will most likely mean her days of living in a van down by the river are just about over anyway.

Mary’s take

Grade: A-

Highlight: The show has depth. It wasted no time before setting up the question, “What is a hero?” which will certainly provide for some interesting storylines in future episodes. And it is injected with comedy at the perfect moments—a Whedon trademark. “Sorry, that corner was really dark and I couldn’t help myself.”

Room for improvement: Like Louise’s comment, this isn’t something the show can improve on, but I wish Maria Hill could stay. Cobie Smulders is off filming the last season of How I Met Your Mother, so I doubt she will be appearing in more episodes, but hopefully she will return when HIMYM ends. (That is, if the show hasn’t been canceled…another Whedon trademark.)


Lucky 7

Lucky 7

Premiere ratings: 4.4 million (ouch)

Louise’s take

Grade: B

Highlight: Seeing Matt Long (Jack & Bobby, The Deep End) on my television again. Though probably not for long…

Room for improvement: Let’s be honest, this show is DOA. Its first episode got lower ratings than the premiere of 2010’s ill-fated dramedy My Generation, which was axed after two episodes. I wish I could say I loved the pilot enough to be upset about its impending cancellation, but it needs more improvement than can be accomplished in the one or two episodes it likely has left.



Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

Premiere ratings: 6 million

Louise’s take

Grade: A-

Highlight: Call me cheesy, but I loved the scene at the end of the pilot when Peralta (Andy Samberg) finally realizes why Captain Holt is so adamant that his unit dress nicely, prompting Peralta to give a speech about what it means to be part of a team.

Room for improvement: Chelsea Peretti’s nasal-voiced civilian clerk could get really annoying if the writers aren’t careful. As of the first two episodes, she’s just barely on the right side of the funny/annoying line, in my opinion. I would say either use her sparingly, or give her something else to do aside from exploiting her coworkers’ insecurities and being generally bad at her job.

Mary’s take

Grade: B

Highlight: Detective Amy Santiago’s need to one-up everyone sets the stage for some hilarious scenarios.

Room for improvement: I feel like I’m not getting anything new from Andy Samberg. He’s Andy Samberg acting like Andy Samberg, but with the authority to arrest people.


The Crazy Ones

The Crazy Ones

Premiere ratings: 15.61 million

Louise’s take

Grade: B+

Highlight: Robin Williams and James Wolk singing “Drive-Thru Lovin” while Kelly Clarkson tried to keep a straight face. I never thought “ketchup packets” could sound dirty until I heard James Wolk sing about them.

Room for improvement: All in all, the pilot felt like a solid start. Maybe reign in the Amanda Setton character a little bit. She played pretty much the same character on The Mindy Project, and look how that turned out.

Mary’s take

Grade: B+

Highlight: James Wolk is pretty to look at AND his duet with Robin Williams should be made into a jingle. In fact, someone should just give Wolk a record deal.

Room for improvement: With Williams’ character running a mile a minute, I’m worried if there will be slow-paced, emotional moments intermixed. It’s too early to tell.



Michael J. Fox Show

Premiere ratings: 7.2 million

Louise’s take

Grade: B-

Highlight: Katie Finneran as the narcissistic adult sister who has no concept of boundaries.

Room for improvement: I hate to say it, but there’s a lot. The writing just doesn’t feel as sharp or as smart as Michael J. Fox deserves. Hopefully this show can find its tone after a subpar first two episodes.



Back in the Game

Premiere ratings: 6.32 million

Mary’s take

Grade: B+

Highlight: I’m a sucker for father/daughter stories, and my spidey sense tells me that there will be some father/daughter reconnecting.

Room for improvement: This isn’t something the show can improve on, but I would like to see Ben Koldyk’s character remain a douche but he will probably be redeemed. Only time will tell.

What’s your take on the first crop of new shows? What will you tune back in for? What do you think will be the first casualty of this season? Lucky 7 is an early favorite to be the first show cancelled (ironically). Leave a comment!

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  1. I thought the pilot of the Michael J. Fox Show was very good, but the 2nd episode was definitely sub-par.

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