Favorite Moments from Castle 6×02 “Dreamworld”

castle cover

Now that they’ve resolved the “Castle is gonna die” problem, they can start planning their wedding. I’m thinking a calla lilly on each pew in the church and a cake topper with the bride and groom wearing bulletproof vests. The groom’s will say “Writer” and the bride’s will say “Police.” Their hands should be handcuffed as well! Awwww. Before I get too far ahead in daydreaming the perfect Caskett nuptial, here’s a recap of my favorite moments from 6×02.

Ain’t No Thang

Castle and Beckett have survived some nail biting situations but this time, Castle wasn’t sure they would be successful. Beckett remained positive and even cracked a joke about Castle using the poison to get out of their engagement. These two are great under pressure and complement each other so well in tense situations. We are use to seeing Castle as the optimist, but this time, the shoe was on the other foot and Beckett had to be the encouraging partner.

Castle6x02.01Castle6x02.02 Castle6x02.05 Castle6x02.06 Castle6x02.07 Castle6x02.08 Castle6x02.09Castle6x02.10

Saying Goodbye

Castle didn’t want to worry his family so he subtly said goodbye, but his mother is a thespian and recognized the act. Martha ain’t no fool! She did what any mother would do…worry and talk to her contacts in the NYPD.
Castle6x02.20 Castle6x02.21 Castle6x02.22

Ricky Ricardo, the Federal Agent

How do you thank the guy who helped save your life? Immortalize him in your next book. Chief Carl Villante made a good deal promising Castle to include a Cuban-American in his next novel. Forget Nikki Heat. Ricky Caliente is the new crime fighting agent in town.
Castle6x02.25 Castle6x02.31

Running Out of Time

Let’s just hope this deadly season opener is not a omen of things to come. The fandom wants to see both of them walking down that aisle as husband and wife. On a separate note, Castle was deadly sick but he still looked fiiiiine. I’ve looked worse with the sniffles.

Castle6x02.40 Castle6x02.41 Castle6x02.42Castle6x02.45 Castle6x02.46

He’s Alive

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Castle got the antidote and woke up in a hospital room with his loved ones surrounding him. Oh, and Pi was there performing healing reiki. I’m still waiting for the scene of Pi in the kitchen making pie.

Castle6x02.50 Castle6x02.51 Castle6x02.52 Castle6x02.54 Castle6x02.55 Castle6x02.56

What did you think of the episode? Thanks for reading and thank you to castle-fans.org for the screencaps.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

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  1. I’m coming, Wash… *sniffle*. He’ll be there when you wake up.

  2. I had to crack a smile/sob my eyes out at the “I’m coming, Wash.” Don’t go breaking my heart like that.

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