Favorite Moments from Castle 6×03 “Need to Know”

castle cover

Ouch! Beckett has been fired. She lost her job but perhaps it was for the best with the government shutdown going on. Plus, she knows she can always return to the NYPD so her career is not ruined. It’s definitely a setback professionally but now, she will be in the same city her future husband is in. hehehe Husband. It’s still weird to imagine Castle being referred to as ‘husband.’ Watch out NYC! Caskett is back in town!!!!

Sweet Bed Talk

The engaged couple do the best they can with technology. Miles can’t destroy the love these two and that’s why we love them. One advantage to video calls in the morning is no bad breath to smell.

Castle6x03.01 Castle6x03.02 Castle6x03.05 Castle6x03.06

Count Me In

Poor Castle. He goes on one book tour and when he returns, he discovers his BFF Esposito is ignoring his calls. Maybe Castle didn’t bring him a gift from his travels.

Castle6x03.15 Castle6x03.16 Castle6x03.17 Castle6x03.18

Angry Esposito

Castle is such a nice guy. Even when Beckett and McCord took them off the case, he still wanted to offer them coffee but Esposito had other plans. Esposito had no intention of sharing the expresso machine with the pushy guests.

Castle6x03.20 Castle6x03.21 Castle6x03.22 Castle6x03.24 Castle6x03.25

Too Many Cops

I guess too many cops can actually be a bad thing. McCord and Beckett weren’t the only feds investigating which is why they were all met with a huge surprise at the warehouse. The other agent definitely had balls to pull his gun on four armed individuals.

Castle6x03.30 Castle6x03.31 Castle6x03.32Castle6x03.34 Castle6x03.35

Disobeying Orders

HA! Gates still thinks she runs the precinct. That’s adorable but c’mon girl, stop dreaming. The star team – Castle, Esposito, and Ryan – does not give up investigating until they solve their case.

Castle6x03.40 Castle6x03.41 Castle6x03.42Castle6x03.43


They have their very own apartment now!!!!! Awww, they are growing up so fast. Did anyone experience a tachycardia when Castle started talking about how their current situation wasn’t working???? I did! At first I thought, he was going to move to DC but then I started having bad thoughts like he wanted to break up. Luckily, he did the opposite of breaking up. He got an apartment for them to live in DC. They won’t have a need for it now that Beckett has to move back to NYC.

Castle6x03.50 Castle6x03.51 Castle6x03.52 Castle6x03.53Castle6x03.57 Castle6x03.58 Castle6x03.59 Castle6x03.60

Thank you to castle-fans.org for the screencaps.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

6×02 “Dreamworld”
6×01 “Valkyrie”
5×23 “The Human Factor”


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