Favorite Moments from Castle 6×04 “Number One Fan”

castle cover

His “Writer” bulletproof vest saved him!! We all laughed and thought it was cute, but now, we are thanking our lucky stars Castle got that vest. In fact, he should probably continue wearing it every time he leaves the house because he’s been having a rough couple of weeks. First, he gets poisoned and then he gets shot. Ouch! Any other girlfriend would probably wrap him in bubble wrap, but Beckett lets him walk into danger. She admires his courage and desire to help others, even when his number fan comes off as SUPER crazy. She was not Misery-crazy but still erratic AND with a gun. One bright side to the incident is that Castle found out his fans honor grammar rules. Never forget to dot the “i” folks.


Crowded Bedroom

I now dub Pi the season’s “cockblocker.” Who walks into Castle and Beckett’s bedroom when the door is closed? Really, Pi, really? How can we ship Caskett if you are interrupting those special moments? Okay, I’m being too hard on Pi but seriously, who feels that comfortable walking into an occupied bedroom in a stranger’s apartment? Also, I have the perfect wedding gift. A dead bolt.

Castle6x04.01 Castle6x04.02 Castle6x04.03 Castle6x04.04 Castle6x04.05 Castle6x04.06 Castle6x04.07 Castle6x04.08 Castle6x04.15 Castle6x04.16 Castle6x04.18 Castle6x04.19 Castle6x04.20 Castle6x04.21 Castle6x04.23 Castle6x04.24 Castle6x04.25

Castle, the Superhero

The man laughs in the face of danger. Everyone thought the crazy fan was dangerous and would possibly kill Castle, but he just thought she wanted an autograph copy of Nikki Heat. Also, don’t play Richard Castle trivia with him. He will crush you. He said so himself.

Castle6x04.30 Castle6x04.31 Castle6x04.32 Castle6x04.33

She’s Back!

Just try to hold Beckett back from assisting in a case involving Castle. Can’t. Can’t be done.

Castle6x04.34Castle6x04.35 Castle6x04.36

Dotting the “i”

Castle needs a rabbit’s tail, horseshoe, St. Christopher’s medal…something to ward off the bad luck he keeps attracting.

Castle6x04.41 Castle6x04.42 Castle6x04.44 Castle6x04.45

This gif pretty much summarizes my reaction to this scene:

What were your favorite moments from the episode? Thank you to castle-fans.org for the screencaps.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

6×03 “Need to Know”
6×02 “Dreamworld”
6×01 “Valkyrie”


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