Favorite Moments from Castle 6×05 “Time Will Tell”

castle cover

Christmas came early for Caskett fans when Simon Doyle, a time traveler, announced that Castle and Beckett would have three kids in the future. Merry Christmas shippers!!! How excited are you to see a mini-Castle or mini-Beckett? THEY HAVE BABIES, GUYS! Time to start a fan fiction binge.

Messy Floor

Castle had a meltdown over Pi’s extended stay when he nearly impaled his foot with Pi’s belt. He took Alexis aside to tell her Pi had to leave which she agreed and added she was moving out with Pi. Bombshell! Castle has solved many, many puzzles over the years, but figuring out how to stop Alexis is his most challenging one to date.

Castle6x05.01 Castle6x05.02 Castle6x05.03 Castle6x05.04 Castle6x05.05Castle6x05.06Castle6x05.07 Castle6x05.08 Castle6x05.09 Castle6x05.10 Castle6x05.11 Castle6x05.13

Esposito is a Whovian

Underneath those fitted clothes, Esposito is a sexy, latino Whovian. He tried to deny it, but Castle, a fellow TV nerd, could tell he was lying. It’s o.k. Espo. Let your TV love shine bright!

Castle6x05.20 Castle6x05.21 Castle6x05.22 Castle6x05.23 Castle6x05.24

The prediction that made the fandom squeal

The fandom had a heart attack when Simon Doyle told Castle and Beckett they would have three kids. CASKETT HAS BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!

Castle6x05.32.5 Castle6x05.33 Castle6x05.34

Baby Names

Simon didn’t reveal their names, but we can certainly have fun guessing! What names do you think Castle and Beckett will give their kids? I’m hoping they are cool, badass names with a TV-inspired twist. That’s not asking much, right? winking

Castle6x05.40 Castle6x05.41 Castle6x05.42 Castle6x05.43 Castle6x05.44
What did you think Castle fans? Is this your favorite episode so far? Tell me in your comments section below.

As aways, thank you castle-fans.org for providing the screencaps.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

6×04 “Number One Fan”
6×03 “Need to Know”
6×02 “Dreamworld”


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