Favorite Moments from Castle 6×06 “Get a Clue”

castle cover

Remember my past complaints about Alexis growing up? You don’t have to worry about me complaining this time! I loved Alexis’ character development. Alexis was one of the most responsible, caring, mature kids in television which is why it was so hard for me to believe her actions as a young adult. She brought home some guy she met in Costa Rica?? Really? It just didn’t sound like something she would do. More importantly (and selfishly), it wasn’t the character development I wanted to see. I didn’t want to see Alexis go through a “wild child” phase because I didn’t think it was in her nature, so imagine my elation when she confronted her dad at the end of this episode. Sure, it was heartbreaking to watch a father and daughter’s tight relationship unravel but Alexis made some MAJOR leaps into adulthood in that one scene (and in the direction I wanted to see her go in). She told her father that being sorry was not enough and that she needed time to be mad. She was risking her relationship with her father to achieve  a stronger relationship built on acceptance. She is becoming an adult. Either he accepts her for the adult she is or he has a strained relationship with her. It is a difficult thing to pose but she knows if her father can accept her life and decisions, then their relationship will continue to be strong into her adulthood. I am SO EXCITED to see this next stage in Alexis’ life now.

New Apartment

Castle was not at all pleased with Alexis’ shabby apartment and Pi’s new job, and this got him into some major trouble with his daughter. It is natural that he wants Alexis to have a more comfortable life than he did, however, Alexis wants the hardship of being on her own and wants her dad to accept that.

Castle6x06.01 Castle6x06.02 Castle6x06.03 Castle6x06.04 Castle6x06.05 Castle6x06.07 Castle6x06.10 Castle6x06.14 Castle6x06.15Castle6x06.16 Castle6x06.17


Any time Nathan Fillion has to duel on television is fine by me. The guy clearly had no idea who he was dealing with when he challenged Castle into a duel. Castle has won laser tags battles and…oh yeah…he’s been shot before!! It’s cool to see that in addition to his superb writing skills, he is a talented swordsman as well.

Castle6x06.40 Castle6x06.41 Castle6x06.42 Castle6x06.44 Castle6x06.45 Castle6x06.46 Castle6x06.47 Castle6x06.48Twinsies

There is nothing cuter than seeing two friends dress alike. Also, let’s take a second to appreciate Esposito’s tie. He looks so nice. Whether he is wearing a tie or a tight fitting shirt, he still looks good. winking

Castle6x06.50 Castle6x06.51 Castle6x06.52 Castle6x06.53 Castle6x06.54Best Date Ever

Castle acted like a kid in a candy store as he and Beckett investigated a secret room in the church. The scene was an awesome reference to the idol swap scene in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Last Ark and the coolest thing for a pop culture fan like Castle to experience.


Not a Little Girl Anymore

Alexis’ expressed her disappointment about not hearing the engagement news from her dad and she told her dad she needed time away from him. She’s definitely not a little girl anymore.

Castle6x06.70 Castle6x06.71 Castle6x06.72 Castle6x06.73 Castle6x06.74 Castle6x06.75 Castle6x06.76 Castle6x06.77

What did you think if that final scene Castle fans? Do you like/dislike Alexis’ story arc? Tell me in your comments section below.

As aways, thank you castle-fans.org for providing the screencaps.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

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  1. I Hope you or someone else can help me. I’m wondering who’s the author and name of the painting right behind Alexis when she welcomes her father and granny (4th picture) It’s the same one @ Will Smith’s home in “I am legend” Thank you in advance

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