Let’s Make It ‘Reign’


I watched the first two episodes of The CW’s Reign with about as much enthusiasm as I might approach a bowl of bran flakes. The concept was intriguing, but it still lacked that quintessential thing that distinguishes between can’t-miss TV and “I guess if there’s nothing better on…” Last week I was talking about this with my coworker, and I told her I’d give Reign one more episode before I abandoned ship. Oh, what a difference an episode can make. After watching episode three (“Kissed”), I seem to have undergone some kind of transformation wherein I am now hopelessly addicted to this show. I can’t really explain how this happened.

The CW’s shamelessly soapy historical drama depicts the life of young Mary, Queen of Scots as she braves the perils and thrills of the French royal court. Politics! Romance! Conspiracy! Fancy accents! Shiny dresses! Reign has pretty much everything you could want in a CW show (read: guilty pleasure). Call it a lack of competition, but I think it may have become my favorite new drama of the season. (At least until Almost Human premieres.) With a cast full of eye candy, a love triangle brewing between Mary and the two brothers, and enough Big Mysteries to sustain it for at least a full season (who is the mysterious woman living in the castle walls? What dark forces are at work in the woods? Will Nostradamus’ vision of Francis come true?), Reign has what it takes to earn a permanent spot at the top of my DVR list.

So tell me, are you enjoying Reign as much as I am? Which is your favorite storyline so far? How many proms do you think will have a medieval theme this year thanks to this show? Leave a comment below!



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