Meet the Fan: Once Upon a Time Fan Gods Girl


We are well into the TV season and Pop Culture Nexus wants to know how shows are doing so we asked the experts. YOU! The fans.

Read what Once Upon A Time super fan, Gods Girl, had to say about the show’s season so far. Tweet Gods Girl at @GodsGirl1989

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Once Upon a Time is in its third season. How do you think it is doing? Is it living up to your expectations or is it a disappointment?

I have been a huge fan of Once Upon A Time since the pilot and I have really been enjoying this third season. It has been fun discovering what their version of Neverland is like. It has had a very LOST feeling to me with them all trying to figure out a way to get off the Island (which I love)! I have not been a huge fan of Peter Pan as he just seems like a total brat. I would rather have seen a more fun loving and helpful Peter Pan but maybe that’s just me. I also think the family dynamic between Snow, Charming and Emma has been really good and interesting this season, as Snow is starting to fully accept that even though she has her daughter back, it doesn’t change the fact that it is still a very complicated and strained relationship as she was robbed of her daughter’s whole childhood. I think as the season goes on we will deal with that a lot more and hopefully Emma can find some kind of peace with her parents despite the situation. I really just want nothing more than for this family to get their happily ever after!

What has been your favorite moment this season?

My favorite moment this season was definitely in the episode “Good Form” when Regina, Snow and Emma got to see Henry and tell him how much they all loved him through the little magic mirror. I actually had to watch it over and over because it was just so sweet! Obviously we know that Snow and Emma have a true and deep love for Henry, but I really feel like Regina also shares an honest love for him. I mean even if she had evil intentions for raising him, I believe that it has developed into something good. I may be in the minority but I believe Regina has a real love for Henry.

If you could tell the producers and writers to include or change one thing this season, what would it be?

If I could change anything about this season it would be for Emma and Hook to NEVER be an item! I hated their kiss and all the flirting Hook has forced on Emma this season…YUCK! My problem with all of this is that Hook had an affair with Neal’s mother which is Henry’s grandmother so the idea that Henry’s mother would be in a relationship with his grandmother’s lover is just wrong!

Where do Once Upon a Time fans typically gather to talk about the show? (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Forums) 

My favorite place to talk about the show is Twitter and on that note, I have to say that Fringe was the first Fandom that I got involved with through Twitter and it has opened lots of other doors for me in getting involved and engaged with other shows like Once Upon a Time and one of the main leaders of the Fringe community was the Incredible Aimee Long (of ‘Fringenuity’) who tragically passed away this past week. I know this does not have a lot to do with Once Upon a Time but the point is that her passion, fight and dedication for the show she loved so much is an amazing example for other Fandoms and once again I would not even know about the Once Upon a Time community if Aimee had not first welcomed me into the Fringe Twitter community with open arms, so basically it was kind of a domino effect for me and I just had to honor her in some way.


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