Favorite Moments from Castle 6×07 “Like Father, Like Daughter”

castle cover

Castle and Alexis team up to help a man on death row. Though Alexis was still mad with her dad, the two worked well together. They reminded me of Keith and Veronica Mars, another awesome father-daughter crime solving duo. Alexis was emotionally involved in the case and when it looked like they wouldn’t be able to save the man’s the life, her dad was there to comfort her. She learned no matter how long and how mad she is at her dad, he will always be there.

Theme Wedding
They can have whatever wedding they like as long as they actually have it. So many things can happen between now and the wedding date so let’s hope these two stay together and get their wedding in space.
Castle6x07.01 Castle6x07.02 Castle6x07.03 Castle6x07.04 Castle6x07.05 Castle6x07.06

Road Trip
Awww, Castle wanted the road trip to be an opportunity for him and Alexis to return to normal but she just wanted to focus on the case. And there was that slight issue that Alexis wasn’t ready to forgive her dad. I hate to see these two have a fractured relationship but I do appreciate the writers portraying a real father/daughter hardship. Alexis is becoming an adult and that struggle for understanding is something many sons/daughters have with parents.

Castle6x07.20 Castle6x07.21 Castle6x07.22 Castle6x07.24 Castle6x07.25

Let’s Knock on the Stranger’s Door
Clearly the logical plan was to ring the possible murderer’s house and enter alone. Alexis, what were you thinking?!! She’s a smart girl but this was clearly a dumb move that could’ve ended badly. Poor Castle was having a mini heart attack waiting for Alexis to emerge from the house. Next time, guys, call for back up.

Castle6x07.30 Castle6x07.31 Castle6x07.32 Castle6x07.35 Castle6x07.36 Castle6x07.37

Beckett wants to be part of the team
It’s definitely not easy to enter a family that has a long and loving history together. Beckett is worried about being accepted by Alexis and fitting into her life, but Lanie was there to assure her that she will make new memories with Alexis and Castle. They will be a family.

Castle6x07.40 Castle6x07.41 Castle6x07.42 Castle6x07.44 Castle6x07.45 Castle6x07.46 Castle6x07.47

What did you think Castle fans? Will Beckett make a great step-mom? Tell me in your comments section below.

As always, thank you castle-fans.org for providing the screencaps.


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