Meet the Fan: Castle Fan Elena

Castle Fan Interview

We are more than one third of the way into TV season, and Pop Culture Nexus wants to know how shows are doing so we asked the experts. YOU! The fans.

Read what Castle super fan, Cammien Ray, had to say about the show’s season so far. Follow her on Twitter @CammienRay or check out  her blog

(If you want to be interviewed about your favorite show, email with “Fan Interview” in the subject line.)

Castle is in its sixth season. How do you think it is doing? Is it living up to your expectations or is it a disappointment?

I must confess to being guilty of high hopes, so I’m afraid that I have to be honest and admit it to be a bit disappointing this season. A creator of the show once commented that the beauty of the Castle and Beckett pairing is that it could be domesticated without losing the intrigue and chemistry. I completely agree with this, and in this sense, we do still see some of the original “Caskett” chemistry in their little fights. But too often they seem to go the “queen and her man-child” route in the structure of these little bits of banter and I’d really like to see them grow into more than that trope. The fantastic geeky-ness of Castle need not be portrayed as annoying and immature – geeks should be fairly represented. And, of course, it is a disservice to Beckett’s character to always be portrayed as the mature (read: boring) one in the room. We know she can be a developed, layered woman, and I don’t see why we need to keep backtracking in her development.
In terms of angst, clearly we are not in an angst heavy part of their story, but in the few chances we are given to see them in a serious, tense, desperate moment (like when Castle was possibly dying), I’d have liked to see a deeper and more layered response between them. I was left underwhelmed by the way both of their characters were written in that moment.

What has been your favorite moment this season?

I’d say the Ryan and Esposito bro-moments in general are winning this category for me. Throughout the seasons, they have moved past the “funny cop buddies” and have become a great part of the “family” dynamic of the show. I really am enjoying how they have not backtracked in their character development this season, but instead are moving forward with their storylines.

Where do you usually go to talk to other Castle fans?

Always Twitter. 🙂 There is a great group of fans on there, and it really is the best place I’ve found to have a discussion about the episode. Tumblr is good too, but there, you mostly just see fanart and fics in the tags, and I haven’t really seen anyone use it as much for discussion.

If you could write the perfect Castle/Beckett wedding, what would it include?

I’d really like to see the wedding show the love, the chemistry, and the partnership that made everyone fall in love with “Caskett” in the first place. It should be funny, but not in the tired Castle-is-a-man-child-and-Becket-is-his-owner way. I’d like to see Alexis grow past the frankly embarrassing spoiled and self-centered stage she is in and appreciate the marriage. Her reaction to her dad’s relationship is inexcusable (She and her boyfriend have a dinner party in which her dad but not his fiance are invited? Miss Manners and the rest of the kind, civil world does not approve). Of course, I’d like to see the general geeky-ness of both Castle and Beckett shine through in their wedding, and not have that belittlingly portrayed as immature. 🙂
In summary, I hope that the wedding sets the tone for what their marriage will be like, and I hope that tone involves the real characters that have been developed, and not the tired tropes they seem to revert to once in a while.


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