Favorite Moments from Castle 6×08 “A Murder is Forever”

castle cover

A murder is forever…and so is love. In 6×08, Castle took another step further solidifying his commitment to Beckett. He adjusted his apartment to fit Beckett’s liking, because he wanted to show her that his apartment was theirs. Their two lives will become one, and we are all looking forward to that day. day dreaming

No More Lions in the Room
At some point in the relationship, every couple is faced with the task of getting rid of something the other doesn’t like. For Castle, it’s his picture of Linus, the lion, which Beckett wants moved to another room. Sorry Linus.

Castle6x08.01 Castle6x08.02 Castle6x08.03 Castle6x08.05 Castle6x08.07

Finders Keepers
That is one BIG diamond. Beckett is gonna need a bigger ring.

Castle6x08.20 Castle6x08.21 Castle6x08.22 Castle6x08.23 Castle6x08.24

Whereas Captain Gates seems annoyed by another one of Castle’s outlandish theories, Beckett looks like she is falling in love with him all over again. These two are perfect for each other and it’s little moments such as this that reminds us it was worth waiting to see them together.

Castle6x08.30 Castle6x08.31 Castle6x08.34

A Test
Castle was testing Beckett to see if she would get rid of something he didn’t like but he didn’t get the answer he was looking for. She said, “yes,” but it was quite clear she knew he was testing her. I would love to see a scene in the future of Beckett getting rid of something Castle didn’t like. We often see the woman making changes to a guy’s place, style, or behavior, but I want to see Beckett compromise with Castle.

Castle6x08.40 Castle6x08.41 Castle6x08.42

Something Ours
Castle made a loving gesture replacing Linus with seashells he and Beckett picked together on vacation. He was opening his heart and space to Beckett. Seriously, how cute are they?love struck

Castle6x08.60 Castle6x08.61 Castle6x08.63 Castle6x08.64 Castle6x08.65 Castle6x08.66 Castle6x08.67

As always, thank you castle-fans.org for providing the screencaps.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

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  1. Aww..I love your reviews! Thanks for the laughs too 🙂

  2. These are so hilarious! I wish you would continue doing them!

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