Favorite Moments from Castle 6×09 “Disciple”

castle cover

This week’s murder case was a difficult one for the team; not because they couldn’t find a suspect but because it encroached on their personal space. 3XK is back! And it looks like he has help from a creepy plastic surgeon named Dr. Kelly Nieman, who also happens to be romantically linked to him. This couple from hell wreaks havoc on our favorite crime fighting team by killing people who look like clones of Lanie and Esposito. The victims were hired to micmic Lanie’s and Esposito’s appearance, dress, and voice, for the purpose of checking out ALL the files on 3XK. When Beckett finally catches on, it’s too late. Their work on the 3XK case is gone. Not only is there a killer paying people to micmic members of the team, but that killer has given 3XK the advantage. Like a said, it was not a good week for Beckett and her team.

Honeymoon Plans
Must be hard to pick a romantic spot when your future husband has been married before and has the resources to travel anywhere in the world. Castle said he never took his exes to Finland, so let’s take a look at the amazing things the country has to offer. First, there’s the Northern Lights. If those two don’t make a baby while camping out underneath those majestic Northern Lights, I don’t know what will. Second, great locations for skiing and snowboarding. After a day on the slopes, Castle and Beckett can snuggle in front of a warm fire. Third, a vocabulary that includes words that look like they would be illegal in Scrabble. Take “Karjalanpiirakka” as an example. It’s food shaped as a boat. I’ve never heard Castle or Beckett speak Finnish so imagine the fun they will have trying to pronounce these words at restaurants. In conclusion, Finland was rejected by Castle’s exes but it may be the perfect honeymoon spot for Caskett.

Castle6x09.01 Castle6x09.02Castle6x09.03 Castle6x09.04 Castle6x09.05

Having fans…okay. Having stalkers that manipulate their facial features to look like you…CREEPY. If that happened to me, I would have had a bigger freakout than Lanie’s. She was actually calm given the circumstances. You go girl for being so level-headed during what could be the setting for a horror film.

Castle6x09.20 Castle6x09.21

Espo being the hero
I want Espo and Lanie to be a couple again. You?

Castle6x09.30 Castle6x09.31 Castle6x09.32 Castle6x09.33

The team loses their files on the 3XK killer. I hate it when the villain gains the advantage.

Castle6x09.40 Castle6x09.42 Castle6x09.43 Castle6x09.44 Castle6x09.45

Scare tactic
Dr. Kelly Nieman is a doctor straight out of a Stephen King novel. The pen she leaves is secretly a USB drive which plays the song “We will meet again” when Castle inserts it into his computer. It was a haunting reminder that the 3XK case isn’t over. CREEPY!

Castle6x09.50 Castle6x09.51Castle6x09.52 Castle6x09.53 Castle6x09.54.1 Castle6x09.55

Thanks for reading! And thank you castle-fans.org for providing the screencaps.


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