Favorite Moments from Castle 6×10 “The Good, the Bad and the Baby”

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Would it be weird to start planning a baby shower for a hypothetical baby? This week’s episode gave Castle fans a sneak peek into what Caskett would be like if they had a baby. At my high school, students were given a bag of flour to represent a baby they had to take care of for two weeks. True story. I have no clue why a bag of flour was chosen and not a cabbage patch kid which has a greater resemblance to an actual child than a bag filled with powder but that’s not the point. (If Peeta attended my school, his baby would totally be sacrificed for some delicious bread) The point is that at my school, the practice baby was a bag of flour but Castle and Beckett’s practice baby was an actual baby they found at a crime scene. Castle, the self proclaimed “Baby Whisperer,” gushed over the tyke but Beckett was hesitant and that worried Castle. He was afraid he wouldn’t have much help if they had a baby so he brought the child home as a test run. Although Castle took the lead that night, Beckett never left his side. She assured him that raising a child would be a team effort. love struck Beckett is in and I think it’s safe to safe that Martha and Alexis are in as well. It will be a family affair.

I would stop crying in a heartbeat if he promised me this

Family Tradition
Of course every family dresses up for Thanksgiving. Well…no. But Castle convinced Beckett that his family does so this just added one more thing to stress about during the holidays. Where would she find a costume at the last minute? The local schools probably rented all of them and the only ones that would be left are the sexy pilgrim outfits. While Castle wouldn’t oppose this attire, Beckett’s father would probably ground her.

Castle6x10.01 Castle6x10.03 Castle6x10.04 Castle6x10.05 Castle6x10.06 Castle6x10.07 Castle6x10.08 Castle6x10.09Castle6x10.Costumes

He is Cute and Cuddly
I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Castle loves babies since he is a kid a heart. His eyes nearly bulged out of his sockets when he saw Lanie holding a baby which he quickly named Cosmo. It was super adorable watching him hold the little guy as if he was a lost appendage.

Castle6x10.11 Castle6x10.13 Castle6x10.14 Castle6x10.15

Crying Baby
Detective Ryan is great at many things. He is a smart dresser and he always solves the case, however, he was not good at bonding with Cosmo. He tried but Cosmo would scream bloody murder. The whole incident rattled Kevin and made him doubt his abilities to be a father.

Castle6x10.20 Castle6x10.21 Castle6x10.23 Castle6x10.24

And Baby Makes Three
Whether they plan to wait or have a baby right after they get married, Castle and Beckett can rest assured that they will have help. Castle was a bit rusty calming the fussy baby but when he worked with Beckett as a team, they were like a well oiled diaper changing machine.

Castle6x10.35 Castle6x10.36 Castle6x10.38 Castle6x10.39 Castle6x10.40Castle6x10.45 Castle6x10.46 Castle6x10.47 Castle6x10.48A

Starting a New Castle Family Tradition 
Castle tricked Beckett into dressing up as Pocahontas but Beckett wasn’t ready to let him off the hook. She had his pilgrim outfit dry cleaned and ironed, and they were going to start a new family tradition.

Castle6x10.60 Castle6x10.61 Castle6x10.62 Castle6x10.63 Castle6x10.64 Castle6x10.65

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked the captions, and thank you castle-fans.org for providing the screencaps.


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