‘The Descent’ Is a Shocking & Satisfying Conclusion to an Epic Trilogy

Descent coverIt’s no secret that Alma Katsu’s Taker trilogy is one of my favorite series. I was blown away by the first book, which introduced us to the flawed but fierce Lanore McIlvrae and her immortal compatriots. What makes this series stand out is that it’s a potent blend of supernatural thriller, historical fiction, and romance. The Taker and its sequels defy any one genre, but I guarantee any reader who loves a rich story will be swept up in Katsu’s deft prose and the dark, captivating world she has created.

As hard as it is to bid farewell to these characters, Alma Katsu delivers a truly incredible conclusion to her epic trilogy. The Descent pulls you in like a riptide, dragging you down into the depths of the Underworld as Lanny embarks on a surprising journey, with some help from Adair. If you thought nothing could shock and thrill you more than The Taker and The Reckoning, just wait for the world to be turned on its head with The Descent. The return of some familiar faces, a glimpse into Adair’s mysterious past, and a twist you won’t see coming…this book will blow your mind.



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