Favorite Moments from Castle 6×11 “Under Fire”

castle cover

Castle is back from hiatus and it returned with a near death, emotional episode. Explosions, goodbyes, and a birth! This was one powerful return. Was anyone else holding their breath while Ryan and Espo were stuck in the burning warehouse? I know I was. It also didn’t help that the firefighters were giving on rescuing them AND Beckett was having doubts if they were still alive. When your fearless leader begins to have doubts, then panic begins, however, Castle was there to remind her that Ryan and Espo are fighters. Their bromance has grown since season 1 and no fire can dare break that.

What did you think of the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


No Invitations Yet
Castle and Beckett seem to be in no rush down the aisle. They are enjoying their engagement and solving murder cases before they set a date for the wedding. There may not be a date but we can still have fun pretending to plan the long-awaited occasion. Will it be outdoors or indoors? Will there be a theme? Will they write their own vows?

Castle6x11.01 Castle6x11.04 Castle6x11.05

Finding the Criminal
I forgot how much I enjoy watching Castle and Beckett theorize motives. This is what brought them together and years later, they still rock at it. Watch out criminals!

Castle6x11.08 Castle6x11.09 Castle6x11.10

Losing and Regaining Hope
It was difficult for Beckett to watch the building burn. She is a woman of action and having to stand on the sidelines when her friends needed her was a blow to the heart.

Castle6x11.20 Castle6x11.21 Castle6x11.22

Saving Kevin
Esposito is such a loyal friend. He summoned all his strength like a mother with a child trapped under a car to free Ryan from the fallen beam. His commitment to save Ryan instead of himself just makes him more swoon worthy (if that’s possible).
Castle6x11.33 Castle6x11.34 Castle6x11.35 Castle6x11.36 Castle6x11.38

Castle6x11.40 Castle6x11.42

Did anyone else notice this is the second time after a near death experience that Beckett hugs Esposito and Castle hugs Ryan? This happened in 5×22 “Still.” It’s as if Beckett and Castle are the parents who each favor a different a child. I think it’s cute.

Castle6x11.50 Castle6x11.52 Castle6x11.53

Welcome to the World Baby Ryan
Detective Ryan is a dad!!! I was hoping for a boy so he could be dressed in dapper suits like his dad, but I can’t complain. Ryan is alive and well. Let the sleepless nights and adorable baby faces begin. happy

Castle6x11.54 Castle6x11.55

Thanks for reading! And a special thank you castle-fans.org for providing the screencaps.


Favorite Moments from past episodes:

6×10 “The Good, the Bad, and the Baby”
6×09 “Disciple”
6×08 “A Murder is Forever”


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