First Time Viewer Reactions: Fringe 3×18 “Bloodline”

Fringe Season 3 Cover

Full disclosure. This was a very difficult episode for me. I know some folks love the birth scene because Lincoln declared his love but I couldn’t see past the fact that AltLivia was having Peter’s child. The whole “I’m having a baby with another man who is in relationship with another woman” made it a challenge to focus on anything else. However, it was heart warming to see Lincoln’s role in all of this. He knew AltLivia had been with another man but he was still stayed by her side. He still loved her which is why I’m rooting for them.


  • It’s Mama Dunham! Okay, I don’t like this universe. Rachel and Ella died in childbirth and there’s a chance this Olivia may have VPE.

Fringe318Bloodline0000627 Fringe318Bloodline0000649 Fringe318Bloodline0000670 Fringe318Bloodline0000757 Fringe318Bloodline0000778 Fringe318Bloodline0000843 Fringe318Bloodline0000865 Fringe318Bloodline0000886

  • Awww, Lincoln is worried about his crush Altlivia. He’s like a second mom wanting to know where she is at all times. Put a tracker on her. It’s easier. GAH!! It’s the Observer!!

Fringe318Bloodline0001124 Fringe318Bloodline0001145 Fringe318Bloodline0001167Fringe3x18.watching

  • Ah, sneak attack!surprisesurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise

  • Charlie went on a date with bug girl!!! rolling on the floorrolling on the floor Charlie: “Just admit you have a thing for Liv.” Yeah, he does.

  • AltLivia has been kidnapped!! OH EM GEE. How many times does Anna Torv have to be kidnapped and prodded with needles?! “She’s a fighter, like they said.” YES. SHE. IS. No one can mess with Olivia in any universe.

  • They just injected her belly! OH SNAP! It’s Peter’s baby on the monitor!surpriseI don't want to see
  • It’s Robot Astrid with her statistics! How I wish I had her statistical capabilities!
  • It’s Henry!!!!! applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplausebig grin

  • Oh, crap. They don’t know about Henry. Don’t reveal too much, H!

  • Oh this is not good. AltLivia does have VPE.
  • Congrats Lincoln. You are now level “übersecret.” He knows about the baby. As much as I dislike Walternate, I admire his concern for the safety of his grandchild.

Fringe318Bloodline0006027 Fringe318Bloodline0006092 Fringe318Bloodline0006157 Fringe318Bloodline0006179 Fringe318Bloodline0006222

  • Dang AltLivia, your belly grew!!!! What’s phase two? C-section? She’s crying. worried THIS IS NOT COOL.

  • Pregnancy can’t stop this girl! WTF…Her stomach is all weird! That baby is gonna pop out.


  • This baby is going to be born NOW! worried Lincoln: “It’s you and me.” “I love you.” He’s not holding anything back. Let out your feelings, bro.

Fringe318Bloodline0010132 Fringe318Bloodline0010175 Fringe318Bloodline0010283 Fringe318Bloodline0010304 Fringe318Bloodline0010348 Fringe318Bloodline0010412

  • They both made it! Peter has a son. DAMNIT ALTLIVIA! He is supposed to have a child with OUR OLIVIA! SO MANY CONFLICTED EMOTIONS!!! at wits' endat wits' endI’m happy they survived but OUR OLIVIA should have been the one having Peter’s baby!

  • Why does the baby have to be so cute?! CONFLICTED EMOTIONS!!

  • It’s the nurse!! Oh snap!! Brandon received the blood sample. WALTERNATE ORCHESTRATED ALL OF THIS!!!!  time outtime outsurprisesurprisesurprisesurprise YOU ARE AN EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL MAN!!!!!! What is his plan?!?!

AltLivia is a mother. She’s a mom…to Peter’s baby. Sorry, I had to say that again because I’m still getting over the shock. GAH! What did you think Fringies? Is it weird to see a woman who is not Olive have Peter’s child? Share your comments below.
Thank you Fringe Files for the screencaps and thank you Tumblr and “dunhamgetinmybed” for providing the gifs. Have a great Fringe Week everyone!


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