First Time Viewer Reactions: Fringe 3×19 “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”

Fringe Season 3 Cover“This episode is going to be special.” That was my first thought when I read the title. After all his talk about taking hallucinogens as a young scientist, we finally get to see Walter throw an LSD party. The entire team (minus Astrid) take the laced sugar cube to enter Olivia’s mind and rescue her. It’s like an episode of The Magic School Bus and Walter is Ms. Frizzle.  Also, SPOILER ALERT Peter gets Olivia back!! HIGH FIVE EVERYONE.


  • I would actually watch a show that was just Bell and Walter. Their friendship is hilarious.

Fringe319LSD00039 Fringe319LSD00161 Fringe319LSD00262

  • Oh no Olivia!!sadsadsad She’s having a seizure.
  • Peter to the ER doctor: “She’s my girlfriend.” Walter: “He’s my partner.” HA! Yeah, try explaining that to the doctors.
  • Whoa, they’re gonna enter Olivia’s mind. I would be frightened to do that. It’s probably super badass like the rest of her and any wrong step would mean a roundhouse kick by her medulla oblongata.

Fringe319LSD01313 Fringe319LSD01346 Fringe319LSD01369 Fringe319LSD01469 Fringe319LSD01503

  • LOL There should be more episodes with Peter on LSD. rolling on the floorrolling on the floor rolling on the floor So entertaining!

Fringe319LSD02107 Fringe319LSD02118 Fringe319LSD02129

  • Well, hello there Mr. Sexy Peacoat in sunglasses.winkingwinkingwinkingwinking Walter: “Of all the places to grab a man, you choose the crotch of my pants!”laughinglaughing

Fringe319LSD02513 Fringe319LSD02615

  • LMAO Not Broyles too?!rolling on the floorrolling on the floor He’s so spacey. Poor Astrid. She always gets stuck being the designated driver.

Fringe319LSD03163 Fringe319LSD03185 Fringe319LSD03208 Fringe319LSD03252 Fringe319LSD03286

  • I don’t like this version of Ms. Terminator. She tried to kill Walter. no talking NOT NICE.
  • They are cartoons! surprise

  • Zombies? Really??!! I doubt there would be zombies in Olivia’s mind.
  • Bell to Walter: “Now, you possess the wisdom of humility. We didn’t back then. The decisions you make will be the right ones. The direction you choose to take will be just.” Walter is such a beautiful character trying to make amends for what he has done. THIS IS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE SHOW.big hug
  • WTF! Who would cut the fuel gauge? Who is this guy?!? Walter!!!!! surpriseNOOO!

  • Now, Broyles sees cartoons. He’s like Giselle in Enchanted talking to the birds.

  • Peter: “She told me that the last time she remembered feeling that way was the day before she met you and Walter at the Cortexiphan Trials. I think she’s down there somewhere. In that house, on that day. Hiding out.” That’s right, Peter! You go find your soulmate. You’re the only one who knows where she is!
  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He found her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! partylove struck THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER! Wait…HUH?! It’s not her? GAH!! It’s little Olivia.surprise

Fringe319LSD07646 Fringe319LSD07657 Fringe319LSD07724 Fringe319LSD07757 Fringe319LSD07802 Fringe319LSD07858

  • Little Olivia: “I just needed to know it was you.” “People have been tricking me, but I knew the real you would recognize me.”cryingcryingcryingcryingcrying

Fringe319LSD07925 Fringe319LSD07947 Fringe319LSD07958 Fringe319LSD07981 Fringe319LSD07992

  • Oh no, Peter jumped in front of the car to save Olivia. Peter: “I lost her.” broken heart Somebody hold me.cryingcrying

  • Baby Olivia is now adult Olivia. That’s right, Liv, stand up to them! Bell: “You are your own worst enemy, Olivia. You took the opportunity to let your fears overwhelm you, but you just fought back. In the end, you are as strong as Walter and I always believed you were.” Well, just go ahead and hit me with another tidal wave of emotions.

  • Bell: “Tell Walter that I knew the dog wouldn’t hunt.” HUH?!confused
  • She’s awake!! And Peter is so relieved. Look at his face! IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL FOR A COUPLE TO BE THIS CUTE!!!!

Fringe319LSD08931 Fringe319LSD08942 Fringe319LSD08976 Fringe319LSD08987 Fringe319LSD09032 Fringe319LSD09054 Fringe319LSD09065

  • Oh no. “The Data Disc is empty.” sad Poor Walter. Bell’s message meant he knew he wasn’t coming out.sadsad

  • Astrid is trying to comfort Walter with food. sad HOLD UP!! He loves the TV show, Zoom? I use to watch that as a kid! I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!  This makes me love Walter even more.big hug
  • HEHE Reunited and it feels so good! love struck  Olivia: “Thank you for coming to get to me.”crying

Fringe319LSD09762 Fringe319LSD09795 Fringe319LSD09817

  • Olivia drew Mr. X. “Who is this guy?” Olivia: “Yeah, I don’t know. I haven’t seen him before. But I think that he’s the man who’s gonna kill me.” WTF?! surprisesurprisesurprisesurpriseYou just said that all nonchalant. WTF. What is wrong with you?! Yeah, go ahead and eat your toast like it’s nothing. GAH, shouldn’t we talk about this?!?! I mean how is there going to be Polivia if  there is no Olivia. That would just be P, and that would be sad.

Fringe319LSD09885 Fringe319LSD09940 Fringe319LSD09974 Fringe319LSD10030 Fringe319LSD10086

Did you like the animated portion of the episode? What was your reaction when you heard Olivia say Mr. X was going to kill her? As always, thank you Fringe Files for the screencaps and “dunhamgetinmybed” for providing the gifs.


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  1. Mary, you have no idea how much i miss your first time viewer reactions. I agree with you about the Peter hottness overload in this ep …. peacoat, collar up and raybans = a killer Peter combo! Oh how i missed reading these and having Olivia call Peter ‘Boo’….. POlivia are the best OTP there is. Thanks for making me laugh…and cry at the same time.

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