First Time Viewer Reactions: Fringe 3×21 “The Last Sam Weiss”

Fringe Season 3 Cover

Guess what folks! All that time we spent pining over Peter and Olivia was actually necessary. These two need to be together for the sake of the world. We already knew Peter is the only one who can activate and deactivate the doomsday machine, but we didn’t know Olivia is the crowbar. They are like peanut butter & jelly. They fit together. Now, let’s talk about that ending. WTF! Peter’s moments with Liv flash in front of him and then poof! He’s in the year 2021. What? Did anyone else’s heart skip a beat during the montage? Montages aren’t usually a sign of good things to come so I was nervous about Peter’s future.

  • Peter is in the hospital. sad Astrid is such a great caretaker, looking after her favorite scientist.

Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0000202 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0000234 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0000412

  • The car you can always rely on to maneuver your way through fringe events…


  • The injury rate is tripling which means the season finale is near.  sad

Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0001502 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0001504 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0001762 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0001778

  • So…if Sam Weiss is not the first Sam Weiss then how many are there? Dang, they all devoted their lives to this machine. I sometimes have trouble devoting 2 hours to a project. Olivia: “You’re a dedicated bunch.”
  • Sam: “The timeline is not right. Maybe this is a cosmic hiccup.” WTF?! Huh? What do you mean the timeline is not right? Sam: “Generation of knowledge have been bestowed on me. But no one said anything about the other side turning on the machine first.” Olivia: “Okay, Sam, I’m gonna make this really easy for you. I’m armed and I want you to take me to the key now.” LMAO That’s my girl!laughinglaughing
  • Walter is a modern day Benjamin Franklin.


  • Peter is awake!!! Yay. He’s going to be okay. WHY DOES HE THINK IT’S OKAY TO DISCONNECT HIMSELF FROM THE MACHINES? Those machines are measuring your vitals, buddy! While I disapprove his unsupervised leave from the hospital, I do support the return of the Peacoat.


  • Olivia: “Olivia Dunham, FBI.”  Sam: “Sam Weiss. Patron member since ’82.” rolling on the floorrolling on the floorrolling on the floor

  • Yes, they figured it out! The machine on the other side is on Liberty Island. Now, your mission is to stop evil Walternate.
  • OH SNAP!! It’s Olivia in the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s the crowbar.surprisesurprise

Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0004802 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0004884 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0004902 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0004969

  • Olivia and Peter were imagined by the first people! OH MY GOSH. They are superhumans!surprise
  • Peter left a note. “I am going home.” This brings back memories of “Subject 13.”sad
  • Walter: “I’ll never be the man I was, but I’ve come to embrace those parts of my mind that are… peculiar and broken. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. You have no idea how extraordinary you are.” cryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingJohn Noble and Anna Torv have such beautiful scenes together!!

  • GAH! Olivia’s smile as she runs to Peter. love strucklove struck They are perfect for each other. Oh no, he doesn’t recognize them! Peter: “I think I’ve been confused.”sad
  • Checking his vitals and his love interest. winking Walter is the perfect president of the Polivia Shipper Club.

Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0007856 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0007872 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0007889 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0007905 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0007921

  • She did it! Olivia connected to the other side. I knew she could.

Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0008278 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0008408 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0008424 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0008456

  • Walter: “Just think of it as a giant typewriter.” Walter is the best cheerleader.
  • Ay ay ay. I’m nervous. This couple has been through a lot.

Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0008773 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0008822 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0008967 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0008983 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0009064

  • CAN’T BREATHE ANYMORE. Olivia just told Peter she loves him.

Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0009243 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0009275 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0009308

  • Flashbacks! This is not a good sign.nail bitingnail biting

  • Where is he? 2021?! Fringe Division?! Whaaaaaaat?

Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0009717 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0009733 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0009782 Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0009834Fringe321TheLastSamWeiss0009953

Peter is in 2012! Were you as shocked I was when this happened? Share your comments below. Thank you Fringe Files for the screencaps and “dunhamgetinmybed” for providing the gifs.


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