Fringe 365 Project

One of the best things about a beloved TV show is the amazing artwork fans create. Since Fringe aired, we’ve seen amazing pieces created by fans. They are not only technically impressive, but they also help keep the show and its stories alive. One fan in particular has decided to take fan art to an extra level. Meet Ellen, an artist and Fringie, who decided to create one Fringe art piece every day for a year, calling it the “Fringe 365 Project.” Read her story below and then check out her website.

Well, it all began when…(fastforward through boring story) I was sitting around on New Year’s Day thinking about how Fringe was going to be off the air soon and on an impulse I drew some of the glyphs, and thought I might get through at least one year without Fringe by doing a piece of fan art every day for a year.  I do non-fan-art too, but I have some “issues” with my artwork that I thought daily practice would improve anyway.  I see it as a big twisted art experiment in the spirit of Fringe science.  I receive about as much support as I would expect from a Tumblr site and blog that I don’t promote very much — which is to say, always warmly positive from fans who follow the daily postings and as with anything, it takes a long time (months and months) before you find your audience.  I’m pretty amazed now at how many more people are following my Tumblr at this stage.   I also love seeing other people’s Fringe fan art and want to encourage people to do more of it.  Keep Fringe alive because “hey, you never know.”



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