First Time Viewer Reactions: Fringe 3×22 “The Day We Died”

Fringe Season 3 Cover

Deep breaths everyone! It’s the season finale.

This episode is just hard. Sure, Olivia is alive at the end, but watching her get shot and then her family gather for the funeral was difficult. It was especially difficult for me because the funeral pyre reminded me of Return of the Jedi (a beautiful scene in cinema). And let’s not forget Peter breaking down at the thought of never having children with Olivia. And Ella no longer believing in fairytale endings. So much heart break. Of course, the episode can’t end there. It’s the season finale for goodness’ sake. If you are not curled up in the fetal position bawling then the writers didn’t do their job, so the episode ended with Peter being erased. You know that ship that we’ve been fighting for…oh yeah, it’s gone. NOT COOL.

  • Peter is 47 years old (and looking damn fine) and Astrid has a different hairstyle. WE’RE IN THE FUTURE! surprisesurprise

Fringe322TheDayWeDied00018 Fringe322TheDayWeDied00056

  • It’s Ella!!!!!!!!!!!!! big hugAwwww, she is part of the Fringe team – following in her aunt’s footsteps.

Fringe322TheDayWeDied00193 Fringe322TheDayWeDied00292 Fringe322TheDayWeDied00317 Fringe322TheDayWeDied00329

  • This is new…Olivia in a skirt. AND SHE IS WEARING A WEDDING RING!!!!!! thumbs up THEY ARE MARRIED!!! love strucklove strucklove strucklove struck I don’t even care who Moreau is because the world is perfect with Polivia married.

Fringe322TheDayWeDied00453 Fringe322TheDayWeDied00466 Fringe322TheDayWeDied00478 Fringe322TheDayWeDied00528

  • Walter is in jail?!?!?! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heart breaking.broken heart

  • Walter is back in his lab but…in chains. sadsad Reunion! This is perhaps one of my favorite scenes ever!

Fringe322TheDayWeDied02770 Fringe322TheDayWeDied02832 Fringe322TheDayWeDied02844 Fringe322TheDayWeDied02906 Fringe322TheDayWeDied02931 Fringe322TheDayWeDied02993 Fringe322TheDayWeDied03043

  • Oh Em Gee. Olivia has superpowers.surprisesurprisesurprisesurprise

  • Boxed red wine?! Really?! no talkingno talking


  • Olivia wants to have a baby. big hugPeter: “I still think we’re gonna have a kid. In fact, I think we’re gonna have several. Two, maybe three. A little tribe of Bishops.” HAVE YOUR BABY!!!love strucklove struck

Fringe322TheDayWeDied04034 Fringe322TheDayWeDied04046Fringe322TheDayWeDied04270

  • Polivia goodness.happyhappyhappyhappyhappy

Fringe322TheDayWeDied04431 Fringe322TheDayWeDied04481 Fringe322TheDayWeDied04543 Fringe322TheDayWeDied04567

  • Why doesn’t anyone respect Astrid’s desk!!!?? Grrrr. Olivia and Ella working together is absolutely ADORABLE!!
  • This is like Luke Skywalker facing his father, Darth Vader.

Fringe322TheDayWeDied05662 Fringe322TheDayWeDied05687 Fringe322TheDayWeDied06072 Fringe322TheDayWeDied06146 Fringe322TheDayWeDied06158 Fringe322TheDayWeDied06609 Fringe322TheDayWeDied06659

  • Fudgesickle! It was a trick! He is going to kill Olivia.surprisesurprise

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!cryingcryingcryingcryingcrying

Fringe322TheDayWeDied06769 Fringe322TheDayWeDied06803 Fringe322TheDayWeDied06809 Fringe322TheDayWeDied06836


  • Walter: “You use to call me uncle Walter.” Ella: “There aren’t any happy endings, nowadays, are there?” SHE LOST HER ABILITY TO THINK OF HAPPY ENDINGS!! THESE WRITERS HIT IT WHERE IT HURTS!! I CAN’T FUNCTION.broken heartbroken heart

  • Peter and Walter are gonna try to fix the universe. Yay. You can do it!
  • Peter: “Olivia, you’re alive.” What is happening? OH SNAP! OH CRAP-O-RAMA! It’s AltLivia and Walternate! What is going on?!?!  Peter: “I understand now.” The first people are Ella, Astrid and Walter. WTF?!confused
  • Peter just disappeared! WHAT! It’s a bunch of Observers. They don’t remember Peter. He never existed. He served his purpose. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!confusedconfusedconfusedconfused

What did you think of the Season 3 finale? Did it live up to your expectations? Share your comments below. Thank you Fringe Files for the screencaps and “dunhamgetinmybed” for providing the gifs.


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  1. Beautiful job as always Mary! I LOVED seeing grown up Ella working with her auntie Liv! #Genius 😀

  2. This was so funny. Fun to see this again for the first time through your eyes.

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