Best Lines from ‘Teen Wolf’ 3×15: “Galvanize”

Teen Wolf 3x15 guacamole

This week’s Teen Wolf was the strongest episode of the second half of the season so far. It featured nods to perennial fan favorites, like Greenberg and Stiles’ bat, as well as a hilarious Isaac/Allison/Papa Argent scene. Not to mention Scott’s first foray into sushi, which proved to be almost more challenging than the crazy killer. Here are some of the memorable lines from “Galvanize”…

“I’m the hot girl.” –Scott, affirming Stiles’ confidence-boosting axiom

“You electrified the windows?” “Yup.” “Didn’t want to say anything about it?” “No.” –Isaac and Allison

“Allison, can I see you in my office?…Where I keep my guns?” –Chris Argent, after discovering his daughter and Isaac shirtless in her room

“Nobody cares about crappy remakes.” –Barrow

“If I were four years younger, I’d punch you.” –Coach to Stiles

“Oh really?” –Ethan, upon finding Danny making out with another guy

“I thought it was guacamole!” –Scott, after accidentally eating a large serving of wasabi

“I only have one bat.” –Stiles, explaining why Lydia couldn’t come with them into the dark, creepy school to find a mass murderer

‘Happy birthday! Love, Greenberg.'” –Coach, reading the birthday card that accompanied the “#1 Coach!” mug that was left on his desk

What was your favorite line from this episode?



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  1. I personaly loved the “ANOTHER WEREWOLF!?!” bit from Chris Argent.

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