‘Vampire Diaries’ 100th Episode: Let’s Count the Feels

Vampire Diaries - 500 Years of Solitude Damon

Soooo yeah. That just happened. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that The Vampire Diaries‘ 100th episode packed a serious emotional punch (or, more accurately, several knock-out rounds of ruthless beatings…emotionally speaking), considering the show is known for displaying finale-level epic-ness about five or six times a season. This episode was pretty monumental, even by TVD standards. It had flashbacks, reunions, appearances from some surprising old faces (what up, Uncle John), sex in the woods, and a disturbing amount of day-drinking. In short, it was a truly legendary culmination of four and a half seasons of “OMG” incarnate. (And I do not use acronyms lightly.) In an attempt to process all my emotions regarding this episode, I’ve tallied up the major feels that were elicited from “500 Years of Solitude” in chronological order. Let’s see if it’s actually possible to quantify the emotional roller coaster that is an episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Flashback: Katherine gives birth to a daughter, only to have her immediately taken from her: +50 feels

Michael Trevino’s name appears in the opening credits!: +15 points

The Katherine Pierce Drinking Game—a reminder of all the horrible things shenanigans she’s caused over the years…and yet we’re still rooting for her to live: +25 feels (+10 points for Jeremy’s “She fed me to Silas and I died.” “Drink!”)

Elena “Wet Blanket” Gilbert interrupts their game to make it all about her: -20 points

Stefan comforts Katherine on her deathbed (with hand-holding!): +25 points

Jeremy and Bonnie allude to sexy times: +10 feels (Mostly for Caroline’s reaction/indignation at being the only one not having “scandalous sex”…so far.)

Klaus returns! +100 feels for his smirk alone

Damon learns the true story of the first encounter between Katherine and Stefan: +20 tingly feels

Stefan and Elena are held captive by Travelers—sorry guys, but you’re currently the two least interesting characters on your own show: -10 points each for being boring, but +15 feels for Stefan’s surprisingly selfless reminder to Elena: “You never gave up on me, so don’t give up on him.”

Rebekah shows up to save Matt from being buried alive: +30 feels (Gotta love these two together.)

Elijah makes a brief appearance (sort of not really): +40 points (or +100 if you haven’t been watching him on The Originals and this is the first you’ve seen of him in a while.)

Mother-daughter heart-to-heart between Katherine and Nadia: +25 feels (It’s not often that Katherine gets touchy-feely, so when she does, she makes it count.)

KLAROLINE!!! +infinity feels (Seriously, that scene was jaw-dropping. I’m still in shock.)

Stefan helps Katherine find peace in her final hours: +70 feels (Despite their complicated history, they really bring out the best in each other.)

Brother bonding over booze with the Salvatore boys: +50 points, +20 bonus feels for Damon admitting “I can’t live without her.”

Surprise appearance by Vicki! +50 points (Not gonna lie, for some reason this was the moment that broke the dam holding back my tears.)

Tyler’s back! +50 feels for his epic bro hug with Matt; -20 points because of the sad awkwardness between him and Caroline

Alaric and Damon’s almost-reunion: +250 points (Even when they’re separated by different metaphysical planes of existence, the bromantic banter between these two is a perpetual highlight of the series.)

Matt is alive (I feel like we should all just appreciate the fact that he’s still alive after 100 episodes; it’s kind of a miracle): +15 feels

Elena forgives Katherine: -30 points (Sorry Elena, but I have probably never cared less about you and your emotional high ground.)


Total: infinity + 780 feels

Well, there you have it. That just about sums up one of the most memorable episodes to date. And knowing The Vampire Diaries, they’re going to shock us all by outdoing themselves yet again before the series ends. I’ll drink to that.

Tally your feels in the comments section!



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