TV Twitter Reactions: The Good Wife 5×22 “A Weird Year”

The Good Wife ended its explosive season tonight and this is what fans had to say about the finale:

  • @katelinnea Everything is terrible. I hate everything.
  • @msjuliedarling Gaaaah. How do you always surprise me, ? Even when I think I have where you’re going figured out, you throw in a curve.
  • @whitneym02 Screaming. Gasping. Screaming again. ELI WINS EVERYTHING.
  • @LibrarianPince This is how leaves it?!!! I can’t wait until the Fall. :-/
  • @Kiki1788 A finale without a door, feels “WEIRD” LOL
  • @sherinamiller I thought that the leadup to the end was boring and the pace was slow, but the ending was quite fascinating
  • @jflotv Sad that was the finale, but to be honest, I think we could all use a little hiatus break. Its been a draining season,
  • @anitaalof_ I’m genuinely lost for words at finale, I just can’t get enough
  • @SourceChrissie Almost made it through that finale without crying.. Then Alicia and Zach happened..
  • @Ellyn_Payts91 What an end to a season I love
  • @cindyrobinson55 So disappointed in this season’s cliffhanger ending! I have found the last few episodes rather boring. Will, you are missed!
  • @aka_savannah Crying my way through the last two minutes of one more time, because I’m a masochist.
  • @BruceWestbrook Maybe next season can become a courtroom show again and not an interoffice squabbling show.
  • @lora4dan Amazing season finale of I am bereft I have no episodes left to watch!
  • @mk_patter DRAMA BOMB.
  • @Pbooi  is all kinds of BRILLIANT!!!

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